DIAL to absorb all employees of AAI

DIAL approves the proposal for the absorption of all the employees of Airports Authority of India, reports Gaurav Choudhury.

india Updated: Dec 19, 2006 18:18 IST

The Board of Directors of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has approved the proposal for the absorption of all the 2344 employees of Airports Authority of India (AAI), posted at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

DIAL is a joint venture company (JVC) comprising, GMR Group, Airports Authority of India, Fraport AG, Malaysia Airport and IDF.

As per the 'Operation, Management and Development Agreement' (OMDA), signed between AAI and DIAL, DIAL was to make offer of employment to a minimum of 60% of AAI employees based at IGI Airport during the operation support period of three years.

The terms of the offer should be no less attractive in terms of salary and position, than the existing terms of employment, a DIAL spokesman said.

"It is observed that some of the employees have lot of inhibitions and apprehensions that in case DIAL was to offer and absorb 60% of the employees on selection basis, what will happen to the rest of the employees. Further, the employees are also concerned about being posted outside Delhi after the support period of three years, which may impact their children's education and well-being of their aging parents," a DIAL spokesman said.

In order to address these concerns of the employees, DIAL has decided to extend the offer to all 100% AAI employees based at IGI Airport, New Delhi, the spokesman said.

As per the offer, all these 2344 employees would be given two increments on their basic salary in their current scale. A one time lump sum joining bonus will also be given to these employees.

Besides, the DIAL spokesman said, the proposed revision of pay and allowances due from January 1, 2007 will be protected.

"All existing benefits, designation, welfare measures, general conditions and leave entitlement will remain same. The employees will be given an opportunity to upgrade their skills to meet the future challenges effectively by imparting extensive training", he said.

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First Published: Dec 19, 2006 18:18 IST