Doing away with household mess

A new year demands ?Out with the old, in with the new?. Donate, pitch, recycle or sell. HT Style offers you few tips

india Updated: Jan 28, 2006 15:46 IST
HT Style
HT Style

Toss itor recycle it. Here's how to get a fresh start around the house.

The medicine cabinet: Syrups that have separated, powdery pills and medical tape with dirt on it, means your medicine cabinet needs freshening up. Toss expired medicines or those without expiry dates. Add water to pills and flour to liquids so they can't be reused. Put them in a paper bag before putting them in the trash. Store your newly organised medicines in a cool, dark place, away from heat, sun and kids. Bathrooms and kitchens are the worst places as heat and humidity degrade drugs.

Makeup drawer: Cosmetic manufacturers' expiry dates are just “rules of thumb”. A product's safety may expire quicker if stored improperly, as in being exposed to high temperatures. Products that change colour or smell funny should be tossed. Discard makeup after six months because it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Besides, it loses lustre and even the colour isn't as vibrant as when you bought it.

Mascara lasts for three months. If it becomes dry, toss it. Don't add water or, worse, saliva to moisten it because you'll add bacteria to it. Creams and lotions last for six months and makeup sponges for a month or when the sponge begins to tear. Recycle it Old towels and blankets: Donate to a charity. Your old stuff is valuable too.

Eyeglasses: Pass them on to a Chesire home or charity that collects prescription glasses for people who can't afford them. Even your optician can give them to the poor for free. Books: Sell them. Or donate them to a nearby school, library or nursing homes.

First Published: Jan 28, 2006 15:46 IST