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Don’t take Dhoni’s anger seriously

The recent uproar about the Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni entering into war of words with the media has been unduly exaggerated.

india Updated: Jun 12, 2009 00:11 IST
Hindustan Times

The recent uproar about the Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni entering into war of words with the media has been unduly exaggerated. It is well-known that our ‘captain cool’ has earned his nickname and much popularity for his even temperament under trying circumstances. This aspect of his nature has also infused confidence into the team and helps in pressure situations. So, Dhoni’s recent outburst should be taken in a light vein, and he should be cut some slack. After all, Indian cricket is on the rise, with a lot of credit due to him.

Durga Shankar, Gumla

Waiting for an olive branch

In the article Nothing official about people (Can Asians think? June 11), Kishore Mahbubani has rightly suggested that India and Pakistan should de-link people-to-people interaction from the tense and adversarial official relations. The idea is noble and laudable, but its fruition depends on the powers-that-be in Pakistan. The sooner they get over their Kashmir obsession and shed their ‘harm India’ policy by fostering terrorism on our soil, the easier it would be for people to gravitate towards each other. Only then would real peace come to this part of the world.

RK Malhotra, Delhi

Still a long way to go

With reference to Sagarika Ghose’s article The job has just begun (Bloody Mary, June 10), the fast-changing national socio-economic scenario demands wise, efficient and visionary policymakers who can respond positively. Globally, only nations that can adapt to a changing world order will emerge as winners in this era of transformation and development. Our rising standard of living should act as a catalyst for changing our attitudes and help shift our national priorities, without ignoring social justice, environmental concerns and equitable distribution of the fruits of progress.

Sanjeev Trikha, Fatehabad


The Congress, as the largest and leading party in the ruling UPA, owes this country a regime of consensus polity, bereft of any paralysing confrontations with its lesser constituents from various regions. Though they may have lesser representation in the Lok Sabha, they are also politically and socially committed to the local and state-level aspirations of the electorate, and this has to also be factored in by the Congress, which should feel humbled by its victory at the hustings

Dewan Vohra, via email

A betrayal of the people

With reference to Law in the dock by Hardev Singh Mattewal (June 11), justice being bought so cheaply is a brazen betrayal of the people’s trust by the custodians of law. The selection of judges must be made transparent with in-built disciplinary mechanisms. The issue of revision in the pay packets of judges should be given due consideration as a measure of safeguarding their integrity. Since judges are not infallible dispensers of justice but human beings with the same weaknesses as other mortals, they should also be made to disclose their assets. This measure would act as a deterrent against cprruption.

K Venkataraman, Delhi

Media can make a difference

Apropos of the report Trying to belong, every day for 17 years (Reverse racism, June 10) the media hardly covers any news from the north-east, though it can play a crucial role in building bridges among different parts of the country. Be it the weather report or even stories of human interest, there seems to be an invisible curtain separating the north-east from the rest of the nation. Successive governments at the Centre have also ignored the development of the north-east. It is high time a concerted effort was made to develop these beautiful but far-flung areas as tourist destinations.

OP Arya, via email

First Published: Jun 11, 2009 23:46 IST