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Eve-teasing in India is big "news" in UK

This comes on the heels of the report on how UK's Indian men marry women in India and then desert them after collecting dowry.

india Updated: Mar 13, 2006 16:50 IST
UK Bureau
UK Bureau

Eve teasing in India is now another bad "news" in Britain. Coming on the heels of the report on how British Indian men marry women back home and then desert them after collecting dowry (Hindustan Times, March 12), all this humiliation of women threatens to affect the praise for the country's rich tradition of decorum and decency.

The Sunday Times reported in detail an incident in which a teenage daughter of a senior British diplomat in Delhi was molested. She was on a rickshaw when a young man ran up and in front of her mother and friends "grabbed one of her breasts". '

Shocked and angry she was but could hardly do anything. The paper said, "she was just another victim of eve-teasing, a coy term used in India to describe being molested in public by a strangers".

The indictment, strong but true, has embarrassed the Indians here.

Coincidentally just a day before the Times report, a middle-aged lady journalist had telephoned Hindustan Times to describe her humiliating incident. She had gone to Chandni Chowk with her relatives for some shopping when a young boy "who had to stretch", she said, ran up to her and groped her.

She said she was stunned and still feels embarrassed by the incident that happened in the noon when pavements were crowded with people and shopkeepers were looking.

Another lady who had visited Delhi last year said, "I never believed that with the westernisation and rise of the women power in India such things could still happen. Delhi it appears is not only India's capital but also of eve-teasers."

A diplomatic source said the rape of a diplomat in New Delhi a few years ago still rankles, more so because the culprits were never caught. The Jessica Lall issue was a hot issue of discussion on BBC, which devoted about 40 minutes of its interactive programme to it.

The fact that Hindustan Times has taken up the issue has also been mentioned in media reports.

Actress Khushboo was also quoted by the Sunday paper, "Eve-teasing is a serious issue. Too many men take pleasure in seeing women humiliated". It also mentioned an incident in Bangalore and the fact that groping a woman can at present is described as an offence only if the prosecution can prove that the incident "outraged her modesty".

The diplomatic source apprehends that if women continue to face molestation and groping the way it has been reported, and culprits remain unchecked, advisory may be issued on precautions British women visiting India must take.

First Published: Mar 13, 2006 16:50 IST