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Exploring past lives

Remembering something memory-wise is not of any consequence. It will only complicate and mess up your life.

india Updated: Oct 04, 2010 02:56 IST
Hindustan Times

Q: Is there any way to know who we were in the past birth? Sadhguru: Is there a way to explore past lives? I know a lot of absolutely ridiculous things about exploring one’s past lives.

They are just ridiculous psychological exercises. If you really want to see something of the past, you must be able to raise yourself into a very heightened levels of awareness where it’ll cut through the memory lines.

But what’s the point? Right now, what is happening in this life, you are not able to handle the memory. If you can remember 10 lifetimes, you will go mad. If you bring yourself to heightened levels of awareness, these unconscious layers of the mind which are ruling you from within, could be broken down, and dissolved.

In the higher level intense programmes that we do, you will see, let’s say you are sitting and meditating, after some time you are fully conscious but suddenly you find your body begin to move like different animals: Snake, bird, dog or a tiger. . . Why and how?

In the unconscious layers of the mind, there are so many dimensions which are not in your access, but which are influencing everything that you do.

So if you go through a process where with a heightened levels of awareness, you bring unconscious layers of the mind into conscious states.

Not in terms of memory, but in terms of energy and experience. You can work these things out and leave yourself completely free in a big way within yourself.

In that context, it is relevant, but remembering something memory-wise is not of any consequence. It will only complicate and mess up your life.

Suppose you realised that your neighbour’s dog was your husband in your previous life. Then what will you do?

Whatever you do with the dog, you may be in big problem. But on a different plane, if you can bring it into your experience without going through the memory process, then it becomes a way of liberating yourself in a certain way.

First Published: Oct 04, 2010 02:55 IST