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Exploring your soul path

Whenever you feel confused about your ultimate purpose, and your destiny, it becomes time to do a soul-check on yourself.

india Updated: Jan 15, 2004 12:46 IST

Whenever you feel confused about your ultimate purpose, and your destiny, it becomes time to do a soul-check on yourself. In fact, any number of soul-checks are required along the journey of life, so as to keep our vehicles on the straight and narrow path, to the Light.

The Heart is aligned with soul and purpose. The mind moves with the issues of conditioning that society has imposed upon us. Whenever you experience confusion in your life, you can be almost certain the heart and the mind are in conflict.

For this exercise, pick one situation or one issue around which you are feeling some confusion not sure what to do, which way to turn. Check in with the heart. What is the heart feeling? Next check in with the mind. What is the mind saying? Is the mind fighting the heart with logic, erecting fear barriers, or is it connecting with the heart? When your mind is on one track and the heart is on another, choosing to follow your heart will bring you the most growth and keep you moving forward along your soul path.

If we do the above exercise and perform a soul-check regularly, we are bound to come up with the most revealing answers. They may not be what you should be doing, or what everyone expects you to do, but will merely take you along the path of evolution into becoming a finer human being.

The hardest part comes when the mind is constantly ridiculing the heart for being silly and un-smart in choosing to do what it wants to. Have you ever considered telling your mind to 'take a break' for a while, while your heart takes over your life? Believe me, this one small action can actually alter your life path into one where your feel the most fulfillment and bliss, not caring whether it is not the most lucrative, or socially appropriate answer to your dilemma.

A simple example would be the growing number of youngsters who are trained in a certain discipline, for example Engineering, or Medicine, turning around and following their soul paths which take them into the realms of Acting on the stage, or becoming well known Musicians.

In fact, I must tell you that I have been trained as a scientist, as I did my Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry and Physics. After which I turned to the study of Law. My work experience, after doing Law, was that of a banker with a large bank. After about eight years of doing the routine banking work, I suddenly dropped it to find a more fulfilling career in the Practice of Law, to me, that was a field where I could help provide Justice to the people.

Yet the circumstances around which our legal system is based was not very conducive to the high ideals I had in mind. I then turned to the study of Life itself, and realized that the only way to self-realization was to plunge into each and every text on the subject. As I grew in my theoretical and spiritual knowledge, a number of life-changing experiences catapulted me onwards, onto the accelerated spiral paths of spiritual evolution.

Wanting to share all my experiences and inner knowing, with all of you who were prepared to listen, has brought me into your hearts and minds, through these columns. I followed my Heart! I invite you to follow your Own to lead YOU INTO A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

First Published: Jan 15, 2004 12:42 IST