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Faith that heals and protects

Though our views of the Divine are many, the signs of God's mercy are manifest everywhere.

india Updated: Feb 07, 2007, 17:34 IST
INNER VOICE || Sami Rafiq
INNER VOICE || Sami Rafiq

Having read the piece 'Kabir and the Courtesans' (Inner Voice, February 2) I am reminded of more such instances of God intervening to protect those with faith. The Muslim tradition of Mubaraki or greeting survivors of accidents and disasters with gifts is closely related to the idea of God’s protection of those who persevere in His path.

At times I have actually wondered whether there is a connection between faith and one’s survival from accidents. A relative once described how she and her family were travelling by car across a darkened highway one night when they passed an accident victim gasping and lying bleeding on the roadside. But the fear of being caught in an ambush and of police hassles made them ignore the man, though he badly needed help.

A few milestones ahead while stopping at a railway crossing, she suffered a serious head injury from a sharp pebble sent flying by the passing train. Now it was their moment of dire need as her wound bled profusely. The nearest hospital was ten kilometres away.

My relative had pondered over the event and reached the conclusion that had they stopped for the needy, dying man the time spent saving him might have saved her. In a superstitious manner, she said that the man had probably cursed her but I think it was the result of denial of faith. Haven’t we heard of numerous instances of miraculous escapes from accidents and disasters, when the survivors had actually missed the ill-fated plane or train they were booked on?

In Hinduism one is familiar with how God saved Prahlad and Dhruva, while the upbringing of Moses right in the house of his detractors is another remarkable instance. Another wonderful story is how, while fleeing from enemies, the Prophet Mohammed hid in a cave and a spider spun a web across the entrance while a dove nested nearby. His pursuers thought the cave was abandoned and left.

God is essentially One. Though our views of the Divine are many, the signs of mercy are manifest everywhere!

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