Feng Shui Solves Family Feud
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Feng Shui Solves Family Feud

It was tragic to see the way Sam ? the man who had started this very business and family - was destroying his siblings, writes Mohan Deep.

india Updated: Sep 28, 2005 14:55 IST
Mohan Deep
Mohan Deep

The family dispute in this wealthy family had lingered for 12 years! And interestingly, the entire clan lived in the same 4 storey house large enough for a mid-size hotel. The brothers wouldn’t even acknowledge one another in the same lift and quarrel like mad dogs in the board room. The dispute was over the sale of a very large property the details about which I cannot disclose.

At different stages they invited various outsiders to mediate; and the outsiders included a politician, a retired High Court Judge and even a god man. I am privy to some of the secret meetings and the correspondence between them besides the games played by them in courts, boardrooms and these meetings. I witnessed instances of extreme greed, obsessive possessiveness, unimaginable meanness and ambitions that would shame even people in the corridors of power. It has been a learning experience for me as they consulted me at some stage. I entered the fray 2 years ago.

It was tragic to see the way Sam – the man who had started this very business and family - was destroying his siblings and their families, he once treated like his own. Though Lillian, his younger sister, John and Mickey seemed on one side and Sam (along with his teenager son) and his second wife Ramola seemed on the other side there was bad blood even between Lillian, John and Mickey.

Much before they approached me they had decided to separate but every time someone would agree to buy the property (and the amount ran into tens of crore) one or the other would raise objections. The situation for Lillian, otherwise entitled to millions was so bad that she had borrowed heavily, some at unusually high rate of interest. John too was in trouble. Mickey, the only professional among them, survived successfully but was as eager to separate. Clearly Sam was in absolute control.

First requirement was to ensure a balance of power when Lillian approached me.

I visited the Mansion. Like they had done with the other mediators, I was welcome by all of them. The entire house was accessible to me. In stead of an identical planning of every floor, inwhat must be the strangest caseI have every seen, the Power sector was flawed / incomplete / total absent on every floor except the one occupied by Sam! It was uncanny.

In place of getting involved in the family dispute, becoming judgmental and taking sides I decided to set right the Feng Shui of all the floors and leave it at that. Meticulously, all of them followed my Feng Shui suggestions. Where there was need, Power sector was completed or recreated. The flaws in the Money corner that were causing obstacles were removed, and they were too many for a wealthy family.

I remember a painting of a waterfall, hanging on the North wall of Lillian. It had too many boulders causing obstacles in the flow of water. I noticed a damaged framed photograph of the four of them lying in a dusty corner of the servant’s room. The glass had cracked but no one had bothered to replace it. There were several Feng Shui flaws – some very significant – that required corrections. Enhancement could happen only after that. Changing the life and style of this family seemed a tough task. The grudges were deep rooted and everyone had a long story full of grouses and bitterness to narrate. The entire house emitted negative energy. The negative energy – I sensed it in the Relationship corner everywhere – too had to be destroyed.

The story has an O Henrian twist even as Feng Shui success story. It turned out that the problems started when Sam got married. This was in 1993. It was as if their very destiny had changed when they renovated the house before the marriage. The plot had thickened due to the new entrant in the family, Ramola. Feng Shui corrections that I suggested worked like a charm. What the mediators couldn’t achieve in 12 years, Feng Shui did in two years. The huge property was sold at a price that was acceptable to all the members of this warring clan.

The split was harmonious as Sam somehow learned that Ramola was responsible for framing his siblings and causing rift among them. I do not want to get into the gory details and what can be considered partial success for Sam’s second wife Ramola as she got a hefty settlement in a mutual divorce.

I have changed the identities of people to avoid embarrassment to an otherwise respectable and wealthy family but I must say that this has been a learning experience for me. John and Lillian are now partners in construction activity on this plot and now prefer Feng Shui over the architecture and elevation.

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First Published: Sep 28, 2005 00:00 IST