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Finding success in life

People respect the man who is honest in his dealings, works hard and does not spread malice.

india Updated: Aug 07, 2006 12:17 IST

The goal of life, as affirmed through the ages, is to find blissful peace. But peace is not an inert, passive state, nor a negative physical condition. It is a positive state of spiritual attainment. Peace is not merely the absence of noise, tumult, strife or quarrels. You may be in quite adverse circumstances. You may remain in the midst of calamities and sorrows and yet you may enjoy inward harmony and peace by stilling the mind, for peace may be found only within. If you annihilate selfishness, greed and egotism, nature herself will work for you. The individual will become one with the cosmic will.

The vast majority of people, even the so-called educated persons, have no definite aim in life. Hence they drift like a log of wood on a restless ocean. They do not exercise the power of judgment to select a good vocation suitable to their temperament that can bring them prosperity and also success in life.

You should clearly understand the aim of your life and chalk out the line of work that is congenial to your aim. You should then work hard to realise the aim. Have an ideal and always try to live up to it.

But many people are diffident. They have energy, capacity and faculty. But they have no confidence in their own powers in getting success. This is a weakness that brings failure in all attempts. Then there are those with very little material or capacity and yet they can thrill the audience. This is due to self-confidence. Confidence is a kind of power. It develops will.

Shyness is another great hindrance, a form of timidity or low fear. Almost all boys have got this weakness. They must develop their personalities to overcome shyness. What is personality? Character! It gives a strong personality to men. People respect the man who is honest in his dealings, works hard and does not spread malice. Cheerful behaviour, humility and respect to women subdues others' hearts and makes a man truly liked.

Extract courtesy Tattvaloka magazine, July2006

First Published: Aug 07, 2006 12:17 IST