Foggy weather could delay trains: Rly Ministry

Railway Ministry warns passengers that several trains could be delayed due to foggy weather conditions.

india Updated: Nov 10, 2006 21:35 IST

The Railway Ministry on Friday warned passengers that several trains running on north Indian routes could be delayed in the coming weeks due to foggy weather conditions.

A number of trains including Nauchandi Express, Shramjeevi Express, Ala Hazrat Express and Doon Express have been getting delayed due to fog in the northern region resulting in poor visibility, it was stated in an official release.

Passengers were requested to check up the train arrival departure timings through the internet, voicemail of telephone service of he railways. More trains, both passenger as well as freight, are expected to be delayed due to onset of winter and thickening fog in the coming days.

First Published: Nov 10, 2006 21:35 IST