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For a healthy living room

The living room is considered the heart of the home and should be in the south side. Raman Datta gives you Feng Shui tips.
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UPDATED ON MAY 27, 2008 04:34 PM IST

The living room is considered the heart of the home. It should be in the south side of the home or should face south. The west direction is also good and it should have a pleasant view.

If the view from your living room has harsh lines or angles such as a neighbouring home, try breaking up the lines with large plants.

A nice square or rectangular living room is best, as there is nowhere for Chi to collect and stagnate.

Picture perfect
Photographs of old people and souvenirs should be displayed in the north - the direction of prosperity. Photographs of those who have passed away should be displayed in the south - the direction of Yama. Children's pictures are best placed in the east - the direction of exuberance.

Sacred centre
The centre of the house is often kept empty because it is thought of as the place of Brahma, the creator. For this reason, it is not recommended to position an occasional table in the middle of a living room.

If you must have a small table in the living room, try to position it offcentre so that the place of Brahma retains its holiness and continues to bestow its blessing.

For the western zone, which governs family relationship, the metal coal scuttle positioned in front of the fire will help to improve these relationships.

Do not position chairs and sofas directly in front of the fireplace, because this can disrupt the flow of Chi, in and out of the fireplace itself. Instead, place the sofa and chairs in a diagonal or L- shaped arrangement.

When the fire is not in use, ensure that all the ashes are removed. Place a plant on either side of the fireplace and perhaps one in the fireplace itself, when it is not in use.

Water feature
A water feature in your house can be a valuable asset, especially if it is placed in the north, east or southeast. Fresh and clean water is symbolic of good health, good Chi, good cash flow and a lack of stagnation in your career.

Any kind of water feature aquarium or water fountain - in your living room needs to be proportionate in size to the room it is in.

(Raman Datta is a Feng Shui and Vastu consultant)

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