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Girls will be boys

Forget girly and pretty, androgynous is in. Add waistcoats and shirts to play up your byishness, says Kirti Mehta.
Hindustan Times | By Kirti Mehta, New Delhi
UPDATED ON APR 15, 2008 12:56 PM IST

There's chaos in the world of fashion. Men and women are invading each others wardrobes and a new form of fashion is taking over androgynous clothing or the Annie Hall look. Girls have grabbed men's clothes, with waistcoats and shirts now in their domain, men have laid their hands on ladies makeup.

Catering to this new fashion trend are brands like Mango, Tommy Hilfiger and Benetton.

An international rage, the look makes women look sexy in almost as-sexual way- when girls look like boys look like girls. Err.. Simply it's all about wearing a thin while cotton men's shirt with sleeves rolled up, tails roughly tucked into mannish trousers. Benetton has named their new androgynous collection 'Her like Him'.

Androgyny in India
The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week also saw many fashion designers whose collections had a few garments with the androgynous touch. For instance, in Raghavendra Rathore's 'Rathore Jodhpur' collection female models wore Jodhpurs with well-structured jackets. Also, in Ashish Soni's finale show, models strutted down the ramp in men's suits.

Summer sense
Traditionally summer has always been ahout pretty dresses and hot pants, but if women are digging into closets for men's clothes, are the stores facing losses? Apparently not, as brands that study trends anticipated this fashion and catered to it in time.

"This trend actually emerged in Autumn/Winter '07 and continued into Summer '08. Then, it was about masculine tailoring with a feminine twist," said Sanjeev Mohanty, MD, Benetton India Private Limited. "Our design department studied various international trends before making this season's collection. In India bigger sized shirts with loose trousers, colourful and neon coloured kurtas with shrits are a fashion statement," said Suresh D Bhutin, country head, major brands, Mango and Promod.

Who would wear this?
Talking about the psychology of people who opt for these clothes, Shailesh Chaturvedi, CEO Tommy Hilfiger Apparel India, says, "Younger, more fashion conscious people who do not hesitate to go 'crossover shopping' and those who do not get sizes in their own gender's lines."

It's not just clothes, make-up is an essential aspect of this look. Vimi Joshi, senior artist, M.A.C, says, "For girls, androgynous make-up is all about skin that is very matte in texture. Strong defined eyebrows are essential for this look. Whereas for boys, it's about highly bronzed skin and heavily kohl-ed. The elebrows too are perfectly groomed and shaped. giving them a sharper look.

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