Govt must ensure safety of Indians

After the recent killing of Suryanarayana, the Govt should take measures to protect Indians in Afghanistan.

india Updated: May 02, 2006 10:14 IST

It is high time the Indian government took proactive measures to provide security to the Indians working in Afghanistan, a cross-section of the capital's citizens said following the killing of yet another Indian in the strife-torn country on Sunday.

Many said the government must provide foolproof security to the Indians in Afghanistan as TV networks flashed the news of the brutal murder of Suryanarayana by the Taliban militia on Sunday morning.

"I am not surprised because there is complete lawlessness outside Kabul and often people are attacked by the Taliban militia, especially in Herat, Gazni and Kandahar," said Mohammed Afsar, a hardware engineer, who works for a construction company in Afghanistan and has come to India on a vacation.

"I am thinking whether I should go back or wait for the government to make some security arrangements," he said.

"The areas that are controlled by the US army are very safe but people living under the protection of the Afghan police are not safe and can be targeted anytime," Afsar said.

Nearly five months ago, Ramankutty Maniyappan, an engineer with the Indian Border Roads Organisation (BRO), was abducted and beheaded by the Taliban to intimidate Indian workers into leaving Afghanistan.

Two months ago, Bharat Kumar, an Indian engineer working for the Louis Berger group that had sub-contracted the construction of the Kandahar-Herat highway to a Turkish construction company, was killed in an explosion in Farah province.

There are reports of Indian doctors working in Afghanistan getting threats from the Taliban.

Abhishek Banerjee, a chartered accountant, called Suryanarayana's murder a "blatant act of terror" and said: "We are shocked that one more Indian has been targeted in Afghanistan.

"The government should not let Indians to be killed in the name of diplomacy. After all, the Taliban had helped the people who had hijacked our plane in 1999," he added.

"The government should either ask the Afghan government to take steps to stop such attacks or call back our people," said Banerjee.

"The Afghanistan government should be asked to take the responsibility of Indians because they are helping rebuild the country. The Indians should be provided with adequate security," said Jasdeep Kaur, a mathematics student of the Delhi University.

Sahil Kulkarni, a marketing executive, said: "The international community should come together and put pressure on Pakistan that has been supporting the Taliban for decades."

Parul Chakravarty, an executive, added, "It is shocking that we have been targeted again but India should not withdraw from Afghanistan but take effective action against the Taliban with the help of the US forces there."

First Published: May 01, 2006 10:12 IST