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Greet everyday with a smile

Learn to appreciate simple things around you. Life will suddenly have a new meaning for you.

india Updated: Jul 05, 2006 17:01 IST

With birds chirping when you wake up in the morning, you are naturally grateful for being alive, for having one more productive and loving day ahead of you. That is the most precious gift you have from nature or God.

Greet it with a smile and you will equip yourself to face the challenges of the day. Smile at your family, kiss your children, pat your pet, smile at the rising sun and salute it for touching your heart with golden rays. And if you happen to go for a walk, then thank the sky above, mostly in shades of lovely blue, for giving you the limitless space to take a flight of imagination. Thank the greenery around for coming into your vision, cheering your heart.

Thank bunches of flowers that rejoice today, filling your spirit with hope, taking your sadness away. Flowers have this uncanny knack of exchanging negativity for positivism. Nature created them to fill our beings with fragrance and optimism, to remind us to realise the purpose of life now in every happy way. Blossom now, for tomorrow may be too late. Living in freshness from moment to moment with full zest, bringing bliss to those around, being cheerful yourself, is what makes your life ecstatic. The present is a present, so be graceful in receiving it! In turn, all that life asks of you is to celebrate every living moment by being warm, creative and productive.

Then where is the time to crib? Instead, think how the present brings so many presents with it. It connects you to divinity and through divine energy it connects you to your family, friends, work, music and love. Love is the greatest gift of all. Love transforms your life for the better but how does it happen? Just love life and the rest will happen. Value your present and you will be flooded with gifts that your heart yearns for. Believe in yourself and in your capacity to love and respect life. Life then would bring out the best in you.