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Hang on a bit

Patience is a human virtue found only in a few. To know how to wait is the great secret of success, writes VN Chhibber.
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UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2008 09:12 PM IST

Real happiness doesn’t come from having our wishes satisfied immediately. In the real world, things take time. Many of us don’t have the patience. But when we work hard and wait patiently for things, they do usually turn out well and in the way we want them to.

Once there was a holy man called Swami Mahesh. One day, Mahesh was invited to attend a ceremony in a town far away. He told his band of disciplines to prepare for a long journey that would take many days. His disciples packed everything they needed in bundles of varying sizes. When it was time to leave, all of them rushed to pick up the smaller bundles — everyone except Vinay, who was the smallest and gentlest of the pupils. The other disciples laughed when Vinay was left with the biggest, heaviest bundle. But with cheer and a smile, the boy slung his heavy load across his lean shoulders and walked behind his master. A little later, the pilgrims stopped under a banyan tree to eat breakfast. As it happened, it was Vinay’s bag that contained the food.

The guru and his disciples ate to their heart’s content, and went on with their journey. Vinay’s bundle became somewhat lighter. From then on, each time the travellers stopped for a meal, Vinay’s bundle became lighter. Until, finally, it was empty. As the journey progressed along rougher terrain and weather conditions, the rest of the disciples struggled with their bundles. They grew more and more tired and their loads seemed getting heavier.

Patience is a human virtue found only in a few. To know how to wait is the great secret of success. We ought to work hard and wait patiently for results. Waiting for things can be fun. It gives us something to look forward to. Try it for yourself.

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