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Healing sore-throats

If you have done all to correct the situation medically, yet it persists, it means that you have not reached out to cut at the root cause of the problem.

india Updated: Dec 12, 2003 18:32 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

This is the winter setting in, and the season for sore throats and dryness, expressing itself through hacking coughs. Pills, cough mixtures and lozenges are providing only temporary relief. This irritates even more, as one longs for a permanent healing in the throat area. Medication does not seem the right answer, so we look for something beyond it to help.

Your emotions greatly affect all illnesses, whether we realize it or not, and whether we have the wisdom to be able to relate it to the right (that is actually the wrong) emotional trap.

The throat is the area from which we express our heart-felt thoughts to the world (as we know, the heart chakra is below the throat chakra). Our true feelings can only be expressed if this throat chakra is clear, and free from all inhibitions, and limiting factors.

If you have done all you know to correct the situation medically, yet find that the condition persists, it naturally follows that you have not reached out to cut at the root cause of the problem.

Examine your emotional inter-relationships to check if there is any kind of emotional obstruction. This may be causing a strong blockade, disallowing your feelings from expressing themselves. The result would be a resistance in the throat, expressing itself as a pain. The cough would symbolize these thoughts getting garbled, in the hope that they are not recognized, for fear of the consequences, if they are.

The other reason could be that the patient is desperately trying to truly tell people what he thinks, yet finds it difficult to attract their attention. The barking, or hacking type of cough is usually seen as a symptom of this emotion.

Especially in India, we are taught never to fully express our true feelings, for fear that we may sound disrespectful, or hurt someone's feelings. While this is a good policy to adopt in most cases, it is not always the best way for the person who represses himself for these reasons.

Even speaking lovingly to another loved one is not seemingly part of Indian Culture. Expressing love opens up the throat chakra immediately to connect with the heart, and heal both heart and throat, besides healing the relationship. When you enunciate very clearly every thought that means the most to you, you avoid the conflict between heart and throat, which is the basis of coughs and sore throats.

Listen to the words you are saying to yourself each day:
"This person, or situation is driving me crazy, the air is poisonous, this is making me sick, the thought of work depresses me," or words similar, you are actually expressing things which you don't like, but using the wrong words.

If you use the positive way of talking about the situation, like saying, "This situation can be turned around to keep me happy, or this person shall be instructed as to how he should keep both of us in loving togetherness, I shall do something to bring joy into my working life", you have got into the right stream of thought.

When your body hears the negative messages, it accepts them as a fact, and embeds them deeply into the cells, causing the depression, or the craziness, or the poisonous fumes to become your reality. What would you choose?

First Published: Dec 12, 2003 18:29 IST