I am not Aishwarya Rai : Sneha Ulhal

The actress, known as the Ash lookalike, wants to have her own identity. Bhawna Gera chats up with the star.

india Updated: Sep 07, 2006 18:33 IST

One film old Sneha Ullal’s days of comparison with Aishwarya Rai’s looks seem to be over. And the 19-year-old dutifully gets irked at the very mention of the resemblance with the Ice Maiden. “She (Aishwarya) is beautiful but I want to have my own identity now,” she says. Let us see what her next release, Aryan, does to her identity.

Sneha made her debut with Lucky opposite Salman Khan and is paired with Sohail Khan in Aryan. “I hope the film releases soon,” says Sneha, waiting eagerly for her second outing on silver screen. In Aryan, she travels in time playing a college girl as well as a mother. She goes a long way with the Khan family as she was discovered by Salman-Sohail’s sister, Arpita, when she moved to Mumbai from Muscat. “I thought it was a prank when Salman called me for the role,” Sneha recalls, adding, “Sohail takes his work more seriously than Salman.”

Sneha says that this is one thing she cannot be- a party animal. “I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to go bowling often but I try to avoid filmy parties,” she says. However, she adds in the same breath: “I think I will have to change my attitude and mingle with people more as it is affecting my work.”

Though Sneha has been noticed thanks to her Khan link, her career is yet to take off. “I’ve not been able to pay attention to my career. It’s my bad luck that since the day I started acting someone or the other from my family has been in the hospital. My mom was undergoing chemotherapy when Lucky came my way. Such situations can be really tough.” Right now, she has four films in hand, including one of Shravan (of the Nadeem-Shravan duo).

First Published: Sep 07, 2006 20:30 IST