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I'll be back after the break: Chunky Pandey

He wants to be remembered as a superstar and not just a good actor. Chunky Panday in conversation with Raahil Nadiadwala on love, marriage and more.

india Updated: Aug 31, 2007 19:59 IST
Raahil Nadiadwala

Chunky Panday on love, marriage.. and more.. quizzed by Raahil Nadiadwala.

Are you a morning person?
What's that? I get up at noon every day.

What colour is Monday?
For me every day is Sunday.

A childhood memory you treasure?
I was all of four when I saw my dad shaving, I tried to copy him and shaved off my eyebrows. My mum rushed me to a doctor.. I wish she had clicked a picture of mine then.

Three unknown facts about you?
I buy a lottery ticket every week, I educate a few orphan children, I am not kanjoos.

The pair of clothing that describes you best?
A towel. At home I'm mostly in a towel. Even at my parties, till my first guest arrive I'm chilling in a towel.

Quote a song lyric that means something to you?
Money money it's not funny ..

The worst line used by a woman on you?
You don't want to know.

Your most romantic date.
Bhavna (my wife) picked up the tab for a meal before our marriage. After my marriage, I've been paying all the bills.

Three changes in you in the past five years?
I've made money, I've lost weight, I've become much more famous.

How would you describe yourself to someone who didn't know you?
Don't ask me for money, cigarettes or chewing gum, I'll disappear.

An outdoor activity you love?

Your nickname?

The qualities women love about you?
The women in my life, my wife and two daughters. The magnitude of love depends on what I buy them every week.

An overrated virtue?

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?
While shooting for a Bangladeshi film, I had to lift my heroine who weighed 150 kg in my arms. I told my director I'd need a crane for it. The heroine overheard that. I was really embarrassed.

The quality you love about yourself?
My ability to convince, confuse and con people.

The compliment you treasure the most?
After watching D, Javed Akhtar saab and Shabanaji called me to say they loved my performance.

What's your most expensive splurge?
I wanted to buy myself a Rolex watch. After hearing the price, I dropped the idea. But the intention was there.

What would you like to come back as?
The Invisible Man.

What does independence mean to you?
Let's not talk about this.. I'm married.

The qualities you love about women?
Their ability to nag you all the time, to be repetitive and to be right all the time.

What are you terrified of being remembered as?
As a good actor. I want to be remembered as a superstar.

The best way to say goodbye?
Get your girlfriend to tie you a raakhi.

Your epitaph would read?
I'll be back after the break.. don't go away.