I seek justice, not a compromise: Nikisha
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I seek justice, not a compromise: Nikisha

Nikisha Singh, now in India, has got her husband Rajeev Kumar Singh arrested on charges of bigamy, reports Vijaya Sharma.

india Updated: Dec 29, 2003 12:18 IST

I don't want a compromise with Rajeev, says Southall-based Nikisha Singh, the legally wedded first wife of UK NRI Rajeev Kumar Singh. She has got her husband arrested in India on charges of bigamy, dowry harassment and cheating.

Rajeev came to India in July to marry another girl, though he was still married to Nikisha. HindustanTimes.com spoke to Nikisha, who was in Surat (Gujarat), to find out the story behind.

Nikisha reveals that soon after the case at Tis Hazari court in New Delhi on Tuesday, Rajeev offered her a compromise: He wanted her to withdraw the case against her and was willing to do anything in return. But Nikisha, her love betrayed and after facing months of mental torture from Rajeev and his family, is in no mood to let him off.

Nikisha, who works as a beauty therapist in Southall, is vehemently against a monetary settlement, too. She says: "I am a working woman. I can earn on my own. I don't need Rajeev's money."

Will she agree, if Rajeev agrees to go back with her. In a tone tinged with sadness, Nikisha says: "I don't think he will want to return..."

Rajeev Kumar Singh, 33, a student at the University of West England, was arrested near the New Delhi railway station when he was about to board a train, the police said on Monday.

According to police, the accused married Nikisha Singh, 29, a resident of Surat in Gujarat, in 1997. After the marriage both immigrated to UK on a student visa.

Last month, Rajeev came to India to marry another girl with whom he got engaged in January this year, police said. Nikisha got suspicious and followed him.

On the basis of her complaint, a case was registered and Rajeev's parents - SukhPal Singh and Mahabiri - were both arrested and sent to jail, the police said.

Nikisha and Rajeev both met in Surat, where Rajeev was working as an engineer with Essar Steels. Soon, they were married in the face of opposition from Rajeev's parents. Rajeev assured Nikisha that since he was the only son of his parents, it was only a matter of time before he would be able to convince his parents to accept her as their bahu (daughter-in-law).

After the marriage, Rajeev asked her parents to arrange for him to be sent to the UK, says Nikisha's lawyer Pradeep Rana. His logic: If his in-laws sent him there, then his parents might be impressed by how much they cared for him and accept the marriage. With their daughters welfare in mind, Nikisha's parents agreed.

Soon after reaching UK, Rajeev arranged for Nikisha to join him. In the meanwhile, Nikisha's father expired and her mother and brother moved to the UK, as the family already had business interests there. In UK, Nikisha, her brother and mother settled in Southall while Rajeev continued with his studies in Bristol.

But life was not smooth sailing for the newly-wedded Nikisha. Off and on, Rajeev, under pressure from his parents, would keep pressing NIkisha's parents for more money.

One day, Rajeev said his parents had now accepted Nikisha as a part of their family and wanted a proper marriage.

The request surprised Nikisha and her family since the two had already been married according to Hindu marriage rites. There were photos as well as a video as proof. So, how was a remarriage justified? But Rajeev's parents insisted on it as a face saving measure in front of their relatives.

In January 2001, Rajeev and Nikisha were married again. Rajeev's parents demanded gold and cash in the marriage which was given by Nikisha's family.

Once back in UK, Rajeev's demand for money, time and again, continued unabated. His parents were not satisfied, he said. They said, Nikisha's family's social standing was not at par with them and kept pressurising Rajeev to ask her for more money.

Nikisha says that, in between, persistent calls from a young lady in India, Neelam Chaudhry, troubled hergreatly. She confronted Rajeev and it was revealed that apparently, without consulting Rajeev (as told by Rajeev to Nikisha), his parents had fixed his marriage with Neelam Chaudhry from Chandigarh.

The Chandigarh family was told that Rajeev visits India in January every year, a fact Nikisha confirmed, and on his next visit, he would marry their daughter. Rajeev's parents had also made huge dowry demands from Neelam Chaudhry's family and the girl would question Rajeev on the demands when she called, lawyer Rana revealed. But the Chaudhry family cancelled the marriage due to the heavy dowry demands by Rajeev's parents.

But Rajeev told Nikisha that all this was done without his knowledge and would not happen again.

On July 2, 2003, Rajeev planned an India trip again. He said his mother was ill and he would return in 15 days. Soon after he left, Nikisha tried to contact him but to no avail. No one picked up the phone. Rajeev was just not available.

Worried and suspicious, Nikisha called up a friend in Pitampura in Delhi and asked her to find out Rajeev's whereabouts.

What was revealed was shocking. Rajev was planning a second marriage with a girl called Ruchi Rathore. Nikisha immediately flew down from UK and met her friend. And on the day of the reception, confronted Rajeev at the Ethnic India Club on GT Road in Delhi.

Face to face with Nikisha, Rajeev flatly refused to recognise her. His parents said they did not know her either. They had never met her.

But Nikisha was not to be cowed down. She lodged a complaint with the Narela police statein. "They (the police) were very cooperative", says Nikisha. Rajeev's parents were arrested and the police issued a look out circular (LOC) at all airports to prevent Rajeev from going out of India.

Rajeev, meanwhile, made a call to Nikisha saying he was calling from UK. The police were puzzled. It was impossible Rajeev could leave India with the LOC issued. Soon enough, Rajeev's con game was busted. From a call centre in Delhi, Rajeev had taken a line for UK and then called from that line, telling Nikisha that he was in UK and she could not harm him in any way, now.

But, the game was up for Rajeev and his family. He was caught at the New Delhi Railway Station just as he was about to board the train.

His parents are now out on interim bail till August 8.

Nikesha has claimed that she had tried to contact her husband’s new bride and tell her about Rajeev’s marital status.

But the police are not accepting that claim entirely. They are still not sure if Rajeev had indeed kept his new in-laws in the dark about his marital status.

First Published: Dec 25, 2003 21:33 IST