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I spy on what you wear!

None | ByPoonam Sharma, New Delhi
Mar 21, 2006 11:18 AM IST

I believed what you wear could never be related to being successful...until recently. I arrived at this conclusion when I joined my new office some time back, writes Poonam Sharma.

I had always believed that what you wear could never be related to being successful...until recently!

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I arrived at this conclusion when I joined my new office some time back. I looked around in amusement and was pleasantly surprised to observe something I had missed before.

Post lunch, when my boss wasn't around, I noticed that a few of my male colleagues were dressed in a way as if they are going for some function - all decked up in vibrant shirts, with wrist watches to match and spreading strong masculine fragrances - flaunting their prized possessions.

At the other end, some seemed to be in a blissful state of slumber! And when I dared to enquire as to what was wrong, prompt came a reply, "Office is our second home so we want to be as comfortable and natural as we are in our home." Thank God they don't take a bath here, thinking it as "home sweet home!"

Then there is a third category - the top notch ones - who are always in a shell, pretending to be sober and mature as they are the "biggies" and feel that if they show their real self then they won't be taken seriously (even if they are the Jumping Jack kinds in reality). Such people stand out as they are spotted wearing pale, muted colours mostly pastel shaded shirts and ties. This conclusion, my friends, is based on my long-time office experience and close scrutiny of my colleagues.

There are still others who come to work dressed oh-so shabbily - crinkled shirt, a stubble, bad body odour  - just to name a few traits; but smart alecks that they are, they end up convincing their team mates that the "look" they are sporting is the latest style statement - the "in-thing."

I almost forgot to bat my eyelids when one day I saw a middle-aged man wearing a sparkling yellow T-shirt and blue jeans with jazzed up sneakers. I immediately asked my friend who he is. She told me in a hush, hush tones that he is THE "Marketing Head". Well, now should I say "great he didn't join films or else poor Govinda would have got a run for his money?"

Hey guys, my boss is back, so I shall close all my observations, but still my questions remain: Do clothes really make a man or is it vice-versa? I have bared my heart not to demean anyone but just to find out from you all too whether it really matters how you dress to work. Do clothes really represent your calibre in the workplace? Or does good packaging help to create a better impression?

I leave this debate open for all of you to conclude, in case you ever reach a conclusion...

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