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I've just begun: Raima Sen

Despite the gloomy weather, the sun’s shining on Raima Sen. Arindam Chatterjee speaks to the actress.
None | By Arindam Chatteree, Kolkata
UPDATED ON JUL 10, 2007 07:34 PM IST

Despite the gloomy weather, the sun’s shining on Raima Sen. Forget the number of movies she’s shown up in of late.. she’s even being lauded by the critics. To know more, I asked:

What’s this short film in which you’ve been directed by Ruchi Narain.
I play an outsider who comes to live in Mumbai, it’s one of the 10 episodes being made for Mumbai 10. I hadn’t seen Ruchi’s Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow... but my friend Zoya Akhtar told me that she is a good director.

And there’s yet another short film for Mira Nair..right?
Yup, it’s tentatively titled Migration, it’s on AIDS awareness. It’s part of a five-film package. She extremely cool in her approach. However, I did not get to spend much time with her, the shootwas only for one-and-a-half days.

Were you nervous on the first day of Aparna Sen’s The JapaneseWife?
Initially I was scared, but Reenadi is so affectionate. She would actually act out certain scenes. However, we did not have to imitate Reenadi. The workshops were also very useful.

But don’t workshops stifle spontaneity?
No, it does not take away anything, you become more confident.

How do you look back at Honeymoon Travels Private Ltd?
I would say Reema Kagti marvellously sketched out the 12 characters. It was her first film and yet it was so assured. But you know something.. whether it’s a newcomer or a seasoned director, a male or a female director, I’ve been blessed.. I’ve been through the gamut already and I’ve only just begun.

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