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'I've never got drunk'

Riya Sen on her addictions, drunkard image and more.

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 19:47 IST

They say she is a drunkard, has had a face treatment and hogs limelight like no other celebrity. But all this doesn't bug Riya Sen at all. In an interview with HTTabloid, the glam magnet uncovers the truth about this and more.

Some people from the social circuit say that you drink so much at parties that at times you even lose consciousness?
I have no problem in confessing that I drink alcohol but I always take it in a very limited manner. There has not been a single instance when I have got drunk. I drink just to enjoy and I prefer my company of friends for that. I don't drink everywhere, as I am not a hard drinker. I also prefer not to drink in those parties where there is a huge gathering of people. For me, drinking is a private affair.

But then why do people in the industry say so about you?
There are people in the industry who are trying to soil my reputation by spreading all such nonsense. I know who is saying such rubbish about me. They themselves are drunkards. I don't want to name people and get involved in a blame game. Let them talk. I don't bother.

Also, we hear that you have a fetish for chocolates!
I am very fond of chocolates. I know that excess of them are harmful but I can't

"I've never got drunk."

help. Chocolates tempt me a lot and I love binging on them. Sometime back, I had hogged so many of them that I had to go to Bangkok for treatment.

On an average how many chocolates do you eat?
It varies from 15 to 25. Sometimes I eat as many as I get so I try to stay away from them. Now after treatment I have again decided not to touch chocolates but let's see how long will I stick to it.

Rumour has it that you went to Bangkok on a date with someone?
There were also rumours that I went there for face lifting and all that. This is another rumour that I am hearing. These are all bakwaas (baseless).


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First Published: Nov 06, 2006 19:05 IST