Indian Americans in 'Amazing Race'

A husband and wife from Florida will be the first Indian American team to take part in the popular reality US TV series.

india Updated: Sep 17, 2006 20:12 IST

A husband and wife from Florida will become the first Indian American team to take part in the popular reality television series, 'The Amazing Race'.

Vipul Patel, 29, and Arti, 26, of Windermere, Florida, will appear in the 10th season of the series, which will premiere on CBS television channel.

The pair says that they decided to join the programme to get the adventure out of their system before they have children.

"Arti is very loving. She's very caring, she's very friendly," a report in the Orlando Sentinel quoted Vipul, a salesman, as saying in the show's premiere. "Just look at her: She's beautiful."

The producers of the show are raving about the couple.

"They're a very interesting couple. They're funny," the report quoted executive producer Jonathan Littman as saying.

"They're terrific people," another executive producer said.

Born in India, Vipul is competitive and goal-oriented, according to his sister Nilam. He speaks three languages.

According to the show's rules, the participants are barred from talking to the media before their elimination. The producers, however, supply relatives to give insights into the participants' characters.

"It was like his (Vipul's) dream to be on it," Nilam told the newspaper.

"She's very charming, she's calm, she's too nice," Nilam Kanjee said of her sister Arti, who was born in South Africa and can speak five languages.

In this multiple Emmy Award-winning reality game show, broadcast in one-hour episodes, teams of two or four race around the world in competition with other teams.

According to the show's website, in the brand new season, 12 teams will travel over 40,000 miles in under 30 days to claim the $1 million prize.

First Published: Sep 17, 2006 11:35 IST