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'Indian doctors denied dues by Kuwait ministry'

Indian doctors allege that they are being denied their end-of-service benefits by the Govt after they quit their jobs owing to lack of promotion opportunities.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, Dubai
UPDATED ON MAR 07, 2008 04:43 PM IST

Indian doctors in Kuwait have alleged that they were being denied their end-of-service benefits by the government after they quit their jobs owing to lack of promotion opportunities and unsatisfactory pay packages.

"Fourteen Indian doctors who recently resigned from the Ministry of Health, have been told that they will have to forgo their end-of-service benefits as their academic degrees have not been evaluated by concerned Indian universities", an Indian doctor was quoted as saying by Arab Times.

The ministry has described the 14 Indian doctors as 'illegals' given the non-evaluation of their degrees, he said.

The doctor further alleged that they are being made to pay the price of a mistake committed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education.

"It was the duty of these ministries to have our degrees evaluated at the time of recruitment, but they chose not to do so. How on earth can they now hold us accountable for something which is beyond our control?" he asked.

"Indian doctors are shocked by this attitude of the ministry, and some have even left the country without taking their indemnity, but most of the 14 doctors who have spend many years here can't afford to do so," the doctor, who had served the ministry for eight years, added.

The report further said that the concerned ministries are willing to have degrees evaluated, especially of those doctors who have recently resigned, but it is a daunting task and the entire process takes as many as eight months.

"We are also planning to approach the Indian Doctors Forum, in Kuwait to see if they can open a channel of communication with the health authorities in India in an effort to put an early end to our problems," the doctor added.

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