Indian rock bands go the 'wild' way!

Indian rock bands Pentagram and Parikrama reveal their love for animals on

india Updated: May 29, 2006 17:35 IST

Pentagram vocalist Vishal Dadlani has a thing for chicks and Parikrama lead singer Nitin Malik has a hidden wild side – for animals, that is.

In exclusive interviews with petaDishoom, PETA India’s Youth Division, the acclaimed Vishal reveals he has been vegetarian since 1993, specifically because he likes animals and Nitin exposes just what he would do if he could get his hands on a poacher (here’s a hint: It’s not pretty).

Pentagram is busy gearing up for shows abroad and we wonder how Parikrama has any time at all considering they’ve played nearly 250 concerts in every city of India, but the bands always make time to speak up for animals.

Both bands are performing as part of VH1 Rock Rules, India’s biggest international music festival, which features two weeks of rock music from bands across India and the world.

Vishal’s message to youth is to “educate their friends”.

He says, “If they like animals, they should share their ideas and support the fact that animals should not be killed. It starts from a small community and spreads to society, state, country – right from within the neighbourhood.

There should be awareness about the slaughter of animals, animal conservation, etc.”

Pentagram is one of India’s biggest rock acts.

After all, they’re the only band from India which has been invited to perform at the UK’s prestigious Glastonbury rock festival.

Nitin passionately explains, “If I had my way, I would put a ban on all zoos. You cannot have bears locked up in cages – they are bound to go crazy. It’s like life imprisonment for no fault of theirs. It should be stopped”.

All the members of Parikrama promote animal rights every chance they get, including by wearing PETA T-shirts during performances.

Pentagram and Parikrama join an ever-growing list of musicians – including Jal, Indian Ocean, Swami, Silk Route, TaaN-TrikZ, Vayu and Nine Inch Nails – which have teamed up with petaDishoom to inspire young people to challenge outdated, cruel attitudes about animals.

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First Published: May 29, 2006 17:35 IST