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Integrate the facts

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri?s article A breeder apart (March 30) is not an objective analysis of the issue.
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PUBLISHED ON MAR 31, 2006 10:38 PM IST

Pramit Pal Chaudhuri’s article A breeder apart (March 30) is not an objective analysis of the issue. The writer does not tell us why the DAE should succumb to US demand and agree to put the prototype fast breeder reactor under international inspection.

Harsh Ray


As a nuclear engineer, let me say that George Bush’s GNEP initiative is not based on developing fast breeder reactors as a crucial component, which is the basis of Pramit Pal Chaudhuri’s thesis and his attack on Indian nuclear scientists.

The GNEP is an initiative for the distant future because the technologies it wishes to develop are not even at the R&D stage at present. The GNEP seeks to develop not fast breeder reactors but modified fast-spectrum reactors. Before propagating that India ought to bend to the US, Chaudhuri should get his facts right.

Shankar Kolepsi

Fighter, not supporter

In his article Thereby hangs a tale (March 23), Sitaram Yechury has tried to project Bhagat Singh as a communist. Yechury should know Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter.

Communists opposed India’s freedom struggle in 1942 and supported British imperialism. In the 1962 war, they supported the Chinese aggression of India.

Parjan Kumar Jain

India, a true friend

Infiltration of Bangladeshis into India is a problem that requires effective consultation between the two countries. Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia’s views are not made on her nation’s behalf. Bangladeshis consider India as our true neighbour.

We remember India’s help during our 1971 liberation war. Indians should not judge the people of Bangladesh on the basis of speeches made by political leaders.

Golam Rosul Maruf
University of Dhaka

Now, cheats are doctors

The report CBI probes: AIIMS’ best turn out to be exam cheats (March 30) shocked. It is amazing that the condition of not allowing cell phones in the exam hall was relaxed for graduate medicos. Strict action is needed.

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