Is Ramu stealing Madhur's heroines?
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Is Ramu stealing Madhur's heroines?

It seems Ramuji has some kind of fixation for his chela, Madhur Bhandarkar’s heroines. After Fashion girl Mugdha Godse refused to act in Rann, the director signed Neetu Chandra for the film.

india Updated: May 06, 2009 10:26 IST
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On the Role

Hello hello my chocolate cookies! I’m in a just chill mode.. not in the mood to venture outdoors even to the end of MY terrace. It’s so very garma garam outside that I’m worried I’ll get scorched. So, I think I’ll just soak in my bubble bath and serve you some chatpata nuggets from there. Bliss!

Allright, so you read it here first, a few weeks ago, that Vivek Oberoi had dropped in at mentor Ram Gopal Varma’s office for a marathon meeting. And now the whole world and its distant cousins in outer space are acquainted with the fact that Vivs has been signed on as the protagonist of the two-part Rakta charitra. Now, I’ll tell you the inside story on how Oberoi bagged Varma’s self-proclaimed ‘bio-epic’ on Paritala Ravi.

According to my khabru in Varma’s film factory, Vivs visited Ramu, at home, for a follow-up discussion that, I’m told, went on till about 4 a m.

Over rounds of drinks, Vivs made a case for himself, trying to convince Ramu that he was the best choice to play Ravi. He even gave the director a dekko into the kind of look he had in mind for the character.

Seeing his enthusiasm at this late.. or should that be early?.. hour, that too after one peg too many, Ramu was maha impressed. And agreed to give him a chance if Vivs reverted with pictures before the next day ended.

Bas, aur kya? Vivs woke up his make-up artist from deep sleep and asked him to report at his residence, ASAP, with his make-up kit, wigs et al. The actor didn’t sleep a wink that night. But he made good on his beauty sleep the next night when he landed the two-part project.

My khabru tells me that years ago, Vivs had bagged Company in a similar way, by storming into Varma’s office in the get-up of Chandu Nagre.. and the rest is his story. Hmm.

Hello darling
If I hear another mention of Ram Gopal Varma, I’ll throw a major fit now. But the threat isn’t stopping my jasoos from Juhu, who tells me that Ramuji has some kind of fixation for his chela, Madhur Bhandarkar’s heroines.

Didn’t know that was the reason he’d signed Neetu Chandra for his next, Rann, I groused. It was, khabru insisted, adding that the fashionable Mugdha Godse had been the first choice.

But Mugdha didn’t think the role required her to be too much glam.. so she turned down the offer, pronto. That’s when Varma approached Chandra, who gave the nod right away. Hmm, can believe that because lil’ Ms Neetu isn’t exactly flooded with offers, right?

Suite them fine
Now, here’s a parinda from Peru chirping about Deepika Padukone’s famous in phoren connections. Seems apni Deepi has something in common with former U S President Bill Clinton.And that is the presidential suite, 1002, a Miraflores Park Hotel in Lima.. where she’s doing an extensive photo-session.

I’m told before Clinton, who was parked at this suite a month-and-a-half ago, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Malaysia, rock group Duran Duran and even Tommy Hilfiger had made it their temporary home.

At least now I know which suite to avoid if I ever check in this hotel when I go to Peru.. if ever that is!

Table for two
Really, some people can be so star struck, I tell you! I’m talking about Madhu my Mottu Maid who is now rambling about the Bs, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan.

She bumped into the couple at a friend’s wedding reception at the ITC Grand Central recently.

Ash looked ravishing in a red sari and Abhi was dapper in his black suit. They congratulated the newly-married jodi but didn’t stay back for dinner.

Seems they had their own dinner plans.. so after a quick bite of mithai they left to spend some quality time twogether.
How sweet, gushes Mots. If this continues. I think I’ll turn diabetic!

Tol mol ke bol
Now here’s Rapchik Rajni chewing my ear about some Shankar Mahadevan’s kanjoos ways. Ab yeh kaun? Some singer-composer type, I’m told. Well, Shanks was on his way back to city from Pune, where he had gone for the weekend with his family, when he stopped by a vendor selling fruit.

Initially the phalwalla was ecstatic to have a celeb come calling, till Mr and Mrs Mahadevan started with their bargaining. They were doing so much tol-mol that the bechara turned into a fruitcake by the time they were through with their purchases. With Rajni and Mots for company, I’ll turn nuts too. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: May 05, 2009 17:51 IST