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It’s a beautiful feeling

Neurologists have unravelled why love can turn us giddy. What an unromantic thing to do!

india Updated: Nov 12, 2012 23:09 IST

Love makes the world go round, doesn’t it? Till now, we thought it was just a matter of the heart. But now neurologists at London’s University College tell us that it is just another chemical change that the human body is programmed to undertake. Mapping the chemical changes that occur in a person’s love-struck brain with the help of scanning machines, a team of researchers have found that the frontal cortex, which is vital for making judgements, shuts down when a person falls in love (dangerous, isn’t it?). MRI scans show that even your person of desire doesn’t have to be there for such a meltdown to happen; a photo is enough to make in-love people take rash decisions. And all this happens because the brain, not your heart, has a “higher biological purpose” — it makes reproduction more likely.

While science has a predominant place in our lives, as it should be, there are some things that scientists should just leave well alone, like love. Why on earth is there is this urgent need to say such an un-lovely thing: love is just a chemical change. Just imagine this: on Valentine’s Day, we stand at a street corner and announce — “Guys and girls, this is just chemical reaction! — it would just end more than half of those budding romances. And then think about the love economy: the card companies, the flower-sellers and the food joints. Then again, say you are watching a Bollywood hero and his heroine prancing around a tree, and suddenly you hear a voice in your head saying — “Cut all this out, it’s just a chemical reaction” — would you like it? It is enough to make you cry.

While we don’t doubt what the neurologists have found out after such tests, they should have kept some things undecipherable, like love.