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‘It was an unusual story told in a new fashion’

Prem Soni, director of Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, defends allegations of a half-baked story and says it was a deliberate attempt to move away from a typical Bollywood masala plot.

india Updated: Oct 20, 2009 19:34 IST

Charge 1: A half-baked storyline and no substantial cause for marital discord between the lead couple.

Agreed that reports have been mixed, to each his own. Every critic has a right to his opinion. Some gave it good reviews too and I have no problems with those who panned it.

Charge 2: For a love story, it was too slow and gloomy.

Again, that’s their opinion. Those who liked the film thought that it was an unusual story told in a new fashion.
I tried to make a different movie, not the usual Bollywood style masala. If you’re looking at negatives, you must also consider the positives. I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I didn’t expect a 100 per cent approval certificate.

Charge 3: A complete aboutturn by Salman Khan’s character in the end seems unjustified. If some people don’t agree with my perception, what can I say? I stand by the movie I’ve made.

Charge 4: There was no chemistry between Sohail Khan and Kareena Kapoor. And her agreeing to register a fake marriage with him for an Australian citizenship seems unconvincing .

There’s supposed to be no chemistry between Sohail and Kareena’s characters because she is too much in love with her husband played by Salman. I’ve made the film with complete honesty and transparency. What more can I say?

Charge 5: Salman Khan had far less footage than Sohail. What’s more, even Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone were wasted in special appearances.

Hey man, we are talking story here, not screen time. In the story’s framework, they played out their roles perfectly. In fact, from that perspective, Kareena had the maximum screen time.

As for Preity and Deepika, I’ve always maintained that they were only doing cameos and cameos can’t be wasted. But, critics are welcome to their opinions.