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January blues; lovers hug shirts

January is not just another month, it is the month of maximum divorces and suicides, writes Vijay Dutt.

india Updated: Jan 10, 2007 03:43 IST
Vijay Dutt

It is chilly days for the revellers now, and not only because the weather is making up for the sunny days it provided during Christmas by being beastly dark and cold. It is also because credit card bills and bank managers’ letters informing of penalties for overdrawing have arrived in the post.

Whoever decided to set January 5 as the date on which curtains are "officially" drawn on the festive season must have been a great psychologist. As the chimes of the bells ringing in the New Year faded, experts on divorces and bankruptcies, debt-counsellors, de-addiction experts, life coaches and car mechanics rubbed their hands in gleeful anticipation.

Citizen’s Advice Bureaux reportedly received over a million enquiries in the first week of January from those facing unmanageable debt burdens. According to a survey of 100 solicitors, the first week of the year is also the period when people generally decide their marriages are over.

January 8 is known as D-Day in legal circles — the day on which the maximum number of couples split up. Estimates show that an average splitting couple spends £28,000 (Rs 23. 8 lakh) on their divorce, most of it going to their lawyers. The reason? Extra time spent together during the season of good cheer brings to the fore conflicts which had remained buried till then.

More than a quarter of those who divorce have revealed that their moment of reckoning came when they discovered that their partners were involved in other romantic relationships. Another quarter said they simply fell out of love.

But that is not all. January 22 is predicted to be the peak day for suicides, as dates for paying bills come close. The best advise for the next year is stay put at home and read your favourite book or watch your favourite televison programme. That way you can have both a happy and prosperous New Year.

Unwanted gifts

Britons receive £4 billion worth of what are described as unwanted gifts at Christmas. Around 37 per cent of the recipients, according to a survey, want to get rid of the gifts and make money as well by selling them on eBay. Immediately after Christmas, two bottles of Chanel No 5 (costing £60) were put up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of £1 for each. The seller wanted to make some money to pay for items on the list of things he really wanted.

There were several items on offer which had been presented by the mother-in-law. One auctioneer even noted that the ma-in-law present was being offered without being opened.

Long-distance love

This one is a great innovation for long distance lovers. For people in love who perforce have to remain separated and long for each other's embrace, a ‘hug shirt’ has been invented. Its manufactures claim that it transmits physical attraction. If two people are both wearing hug shirts, one can hug the other by wrapping his or her arms around his or her own body. As one of them squeezes tight, the shirt measures the pressure, heartbeat and temperature before using Bluetooth technology to send the data to the other shirt. The other then feels his or her shirt heating up, tingling and vibrating wherever the partner’s hands are placed.

First Published: Jan 10, 2007 03:05 IST