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Jehadi threat

Vikram Sood?s assessment Living on the edge (Jan 3) sounds a note of caution for India on the coming election scenario in Bangladesh.

india Updated: Jan 04, 2007 23:39 IST

Vikram Sood’s assessment Living on the edge (Jan 3) sounds a note of caution for India on the coming election scenario in Bangladesh. India, which was a party to the formation of that country, has a long stretch of porous border with it. It is in India’s interest that Bangladesh is not allowed to slip into the hands of the jehadis who are exploiting the ongoing feud between Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina. If the jehadis grow in influence, India will have another front like the one with Pakistan. India should keep a close watch on threats from all these outfits.

RK Kutty, Bhopal

Selfish policies

Apropos of the editorial Hanging morality (January 1), immorality lies in one country using force against another sovereign nation. Is this the role of the UN or a single nation? If international jurisprudence upholds it to be correct, let the US try it against China for the Tiananmen Square killings. And if killing innocent people and justifying military action are considered legitimate, can similar action not be initiated against those responsible for killings in Iraq and Afghanistan for no reasons? Why are all democratic nations silent on this issue?

HL Dhawan, via e-mail

Indifferent police

The gruesome killings in Noida have shaken the collective conscience of the nation. What is more shocking is the callous attitude of the police and authorities in ordering a comprehensive investigation by the CBI to bring the perpetrators to justice. If we are to believe the statements of the mothers who lost their children, then the criminal justice system is indifferent towards the socially underprivileged. Just promising to punish the guilty thinking that public memory is fickle is dangerous for democracy.

Suresh PM, Delhi


Such heinous crime deserves the strongest condemnation. The mentally deranged killers should be put to death. The two partners in crime must be punished for the inhuman butchering of innocent children. No mercy should be shown to such dangerous criminals

Mahelaka Begum, Kolkata

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First Published: Jan 04, 2007 23:39 IST