Jobs not for money alone

Students are picking those jobs that, besides fattening their wallets, also look good on CVs, writes Sidhartha Roy.

india Updated: Jun 13, 2006 16:06 IST

Till some years ago, when students took up part-time jobs during summer breaks in colleges, they were purely driven by the desire to earn some quick pocket money.

Jobs in fast food chains or at the annual trade fair were the most popular.

But now students are picking those jobs that, besides fattening their wallets, also look good on their CVs.

For example, students during summer breaks want to take up jobs in an industry that they might like to join later.

Helping them along is, of course, DU, which is offering a slew of career-oriented courses that are done side-by-side bachelor programmes.

Among these are courses in journalism, advertising, tourism, ticketing and banking.

Today some of the hottest sectors for summer jobs are BPOs, media and advertising. “Most of our students do summer jobs like voiceover and editing in media organisations. BPOs are also popular,” said Roopali Sircar Gaur, vice-principal, Sri Venkateswara College.

Not just CVs that look good but CVs that look better than their friends’ —- this seems to be driving the students.

Students, more smart, more professional and more career-driven, are adding to their resumes not one summer job but several of them.

“There has been a major shift in their choice. It’s not only about money anymore though they earn a lot of it. The main goal is career,” Gaur said.

“Students are working in BPOs and for exhibitions. Some are also doing modelling, but not only for money. Today they want to get in a job that gives them a certain profile. They are very particular about their CVs and certificates,” said Minoti Chatterjee, principal, Kamala Nehru College.

“Most students now do internships in media houses as journalism is a popular course. The experience helps them later. Courses in film appreciation and translation brings them jobs like film reviewing and translation and publication.” “You can work for promotional campaigns, road shows and exhibitions but their organisers do not always give the money promised. That way BPOs are better and are very popular too,” said Shruti Kumar, a philosophy student of Gargi College. However, like her batch mates, she is now planning to add something more substantial to her CV.

First Published: Jun 13, 2006 16:06 IST