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Juhi Babbar chat

Juhi Babbar is the newest star kid to hit the big screen. If parentage is anything to go by, she definitely can boast of an impressive lineage with both Raj and Nadira Babbar being seasoned actors. Though her debut film, Kaash... Aap Hamare Hote, was a disaster can she make it nonetheless? Read transcript of a chat with her on March 25.

india Updated: Mar 25, 2003 18:58 IST

Sonam: I have seen your movie and you have acted very well! How did you get to deliver such a wonderful performance in your very first movie?
Juhi Babbar: Thanks a lot Sonam! First of all, I think it was because of my theatre experience.

Janak: Is it true that Kash...Aap Hamaare Hote was originally planned in late 80s for the late Smita Patil?
Juhi Babbar: Yes, it is true. It was originally designed for Smita Patil in early 80s, but it didn't materialize then because it was not possible easily to go and shoot abroad. It's not like these days where you can just go and record and a song and come back. It was really difficult at that time and that's how they postponed the film. She wasn't with us for long after that.

Kajal: How was your experience in Delhi at NIFT? Are you planning to take it further?
Juhi Babbar: It was a great experience, and I am not from NIFT Delhi, but from NIFT Bombay. It's been great. NIFT has given me some of my best friends. And my friends are life to me. I enjoyed each day at NIFT. And also, I was doing theatre, and I planned to do theatre costumes. For the first half of my film, Manish Malhotra did the costumes, but then we had a communication gap. Then a friend of mine called Kunal Mehta, and others took up on the costumes, and I was involved completely. I will try and keep up with it as much as possible!

Prmadhan: Juhi, I saw you in an MTV show and felt that you are very easy going and down to earth personality. Is it true?
Juhi Babbar: I am just the way I have always been and being in movies haven't changed me at all. I still have paani poori by the roadside! And now I am out with my three friends and have come to see a friend who is not well. I like to hangout with my society friends, so you can figure out.

Rajeev: In which movies will we see you next?
Juhi Babbar: It all depends upon which movies I choose to do. I have not committed as yet. I won't like to be seen in crap! I am looking at the scripts and I won't like to be in movies that I don't feel good about. I'll like to be seen in something that gives me creative satisfaction! I want to do something that I don't have to say to my parents: "I am sorry I am your daughter and I have done this work."

Udita: Has being a celebrity changed you?
Juhi Babbar: I don't think it has changed anything. Since dad is a celeb, we were always under "eyes". It doesn't make a difference at all. I don't think of myself as a celeb. I am here as an actress, and I think of myself just that.

Nandi_kandwal: Which is your next film?
Juhi Babbar: I am still going through scripts and haven't decided as yet. I will let you know as soon as I commit.

Kumar: How different is it to act in front of a camera as against a live audience? Which one would you prefer and why?
Juhi Babbar: In theatre it's all so direct. If you cry, you see the impact at your audience. When you laugh, you see the audience smiling. I think it's much different. In theatre you see the emotion on your audience. When I started acting and people came to know that I had done theatre, they said - "it's going to be a piece of cake". I knew what acting is all about but I think there's a lot more concentration which is required doing a movie

Laughingbuddha: Your role was earlier written with Smita Patil in mind. Do you think you were a right replacement?
Juhi Babbar: I did try my best and it's for you all to judge if I did justice to it.

Jeff: I was a great fan of your father. Hope you will follow his footsteps. I haven't seen your recent movie but heard a lot about your acting...
Juhi Babbar: Thanks a lot, Jeff! Hope you get to see the movie and like my performance.

Meeta: Why didn't you doDil Aashiqana?
Juhi Babbar: I didn't do that because I can't smooch on screen and I can't wear 2" long shorts.

Ankurk: How was it working with Sonu Nigam? Does he act as well as he sings?
Juhi Babbar: It's been a great experience working with Sonuji! I think he's a terrific person and it has been a great learning experience working with him. He puts in so much effort and tries for betterment every time. We can't compare his acting to his singing abilities because he's been singing for like 20 years. I think he started singing at the age of 3. One can't compare that, you know. I think given the right time and subject he will prove to be an almost an equally good actor. I think he's on his way. He has done a brilliant job in this film.

Cooldudedelhi: You acted very well in your movie but the performance at the box-office could have been a lot better. What do you think makes a movie successful and what do you think could have been done better next time?
Juhi Babbar: What makes a film successful is very difficult to say. Prior to this film, I was an audience, and if you cut me from acting, I am an audience. It is very difficult to say what I might like and when I might see a movie. Thanks for appreciating everyone's performance. Blame it on the world cup, blame it on the examinations, or maybe it was I... I think we should be able to accept minuses. We have been trying to our best to give a good film and we try and deliver a good film where Babbar film's banner is in place. So hopefully I will do better next time!

Imvips: Do you think Bollywood is heading where it ought to? I mean are our movies moving more towards sensibility?
Juhi Babbar: Difficult to say as if it's moving right now. There were times when we did have sensible and commercial movies. At every time there have been people who have tried to do different work. Maybe because of media it's been in limelight more. I think it's growing. I think globally we are much more accessible and we are able to reach out globally a lot more.

Manubhai: What kind of an actress do you visualize yourself as? A typical glamorous heroine or someone who does strong roles?
Juhi Babbar: We have been running around trees till today and there's an audience for that. I am not happy doing that but if I have to do that, I will do that. But I think I am more performance-oriented person.

Chhabra99: Female stars think that exposure is shortcut to success. What is your opinion?
Juhi Babbar: All the best to those who feel that. I will prefer a long-cut. I am not gunning for that kind of movies and fame. I will like to be known as an actress first. The other things follow. I won't mind exposure if required, not for getting movies.

Ankurk: Are you nervous about your movie given the present trend where movies flopping badly?
Juhi Babbar: I am in the industry and I will want my movie to do well. It is such a large industry and so many families are dependent on it. There are spot boys and many more behind the scenes. I feel for the industry and hope that things do well.

Aksrivastava: Who is your inspiration?
Juhi Babbar: Definitely my parents - for the hard work and dedication, their acting abilities and finally for being such fine human beings. They excel in everything and will remain inspirations always!

Bittu218: So, your emphasis will be more around your personal satisfaction... Don't you think it should be driven towards the success of the movie?
Juhi Babbar: I definitely want personal satisfaction. But film is not just about me. There's a director, producer, light-man and so many others. As an actress, personal satisfaction is most important for me.

Laughingbuddha: Why do you HAVE to do movies? Why don't you stick to theatre like your mom? Incidentally, I saw her perform at Shri Ram Centre for Arts in Delhi this January at the Poorva Theatre Festival (think it was the play, Begum Jaan). She was wonderful! Do complement her!
Juhi Babbar: Thank you very much! I will let her know. I had my creative satisfaction and I was appreciated at theatre. I came here for satisfaction at another level. I am not here for anything different, just for creative satisfaction. My parents have given me everything.My roots are in theatre and I will be always be involved with it. It is a very disciplined platform unlike movies, which are very demanding.

Bittu218: What lessons have you learnt from your debut but unsuccessful movie Kaash... Aap Hamare Hote?
Juhi Babbar: I think I saw what hard work and discipline is all about. People say that acting in films is easy, but it's not. There's lot more sincerity and dedication here. I have learnt a lesson of giving complete self and being a lot more dedicated.

Ankurk: Do you think these days actors/actress, mainly star kids, dominate the film world as compared to not-so-known newcomers?
Juhi Babbar: I don't think so. I don't know why we are blamed like that? If I am not impressive enough then people will not be interested in watching our next show. Nobody can make anybody here! Once you are here, it's you. 10 people can make 10 films for you. If the audience doesn't accept you, it won't work.

Munnabhai: What are your hobbies?
Juhi Babbar: It's all related to work: reading about acting, performing well. I also love eating - paani poori, chocolates, and steak! I like spending time with them. My friends are a great strength.

Sahil_virani: Is your father proud after seeing your movie?
Juhi Babbar: You should ask my dad that! I think my parents are extremely proud of me and they have really appreciated my work. I had heard of groups of critics, but I have been lucky that all critics have been very appreciative, so my parents are very proud indeed.

Alam_maq: Since how long have you been doing theatre?
Juhi Babbar: A started at college itself. I think you can relate me to Abhimanyu! I was in my mom's tummy when I was first on theatre! Then when I was one and a half! I did a lot of plays. I did my mother's theatre workshop. My first play was Yahudi ki Ladki and I played second lead in it. I did another play which I prepared for just two days, because the girl who was supposed to do that ran away! Then I did a folk play. I did a play called Begam Jaan, where I played my mother's granddaughter, which my father saw and decided to do my film.

Nandi_kandwal: Your film didn't release at a good time because almost all were busy with the Cricket World Cup. Do you agree with this analysis?
Juhi Babbar: We didn't have a choice. We couldn't really extend the release. We thought it was not a good time. Box office was not kind to us but we were appreciated in the film and it was a boost for making a film next time also.

San_sin: What do you think about your performance?
Juhi Babbar: I am VERY critical about my own performance. I will be honest, I did think that I did my best in few scenes, and I was happy with myself.

First Published: Mar 24, 2003 18:15 IST