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Know your chakra energies

Sep 15, 2004 05:18 PM IST

Shuddhi or purification of the chakra energies must be done on a daily basis if we wish to keep ourselves fit.

Shuddhi, or purification of the charka energies, must be undertaken on a daily basis, if we wish to keep ourselves in a fit state of ever growing spiritual health. Each charka in the body has a positive and negative correspondence, and it is only when we understand the import of both these opposing energies, can we carry on with this practice of Shuddhi. Physical conditions can be referenced through the energy levels of these charkas, but they are at best, limited indicators of the charkas effective functioning.

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Each charka overshadows energetically the organs situated in the region of that charkas energy field. For example, the heart charka, affects the heart, and the breathing apparatus. The throat charka affects our power of speech. The navel charka affects our digestion. The sacral and the root charkas physically dominate our creative powers and our sexuality, by virtue of being located in the region of the body where these organs lie.

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The third eye charka, being situated in the middle of the forehead, affects the power of the thinking brain to visualise and connect with larger concepts. The crown charka, being on top of the head, is the connection of the whole body to the Universal Energies. This is the opening of the conduit which we all strive for, to attain enlightenment.

Watching our emotional and mental states closely, we can feel the charka energies, and then can we proceed to rectify the energy levels. When the root charka, or the Muladhara is closed, we feel an anxiety, fear and other negative opinions about our own sexuality. Feelings of inadequacy in bonding with the opposite sex, physically and emotionally becomes a prime source of worry.

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