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Know your real self

God must be thinking of us when he sees us asking for trivial things and ready to commit crimes for them.

india Updated: Sep 06, 2006 13:52 IST

It rained like never before for several days. The river on the banks of which the capital was situated was flooded and overflowing. The king was young and brave and was personally supervising the rescue operations. That evening he was told that the floodwaters had washed his son away. After the water receded a search started for the prince and went on for a long time but in vain. Due to this shock, the king took ill and died shortly thereafter.

The minister-in-charge took over the reigns in absentia since the prince was not yet declared dead. The search for the prince continued. A few years later a group of beggars came to the city begging for alms. A young boy amongst them attracted the eyes of the passers-by, who reported their doubts to the minister. The minister called the boy and looked carefully for the birthmarks on his body and to his surprise found that the boy was the long-lost prince. Further enquiries confirmed this.

The beggar became the king overnight. He started getting training in royal duties. But he did not forget his past and preserved his old rags. One day he decided to wear his old clothes and went to the city to beg. People did not recognise him and gave him alms. Earlier he used to feel bad when someone gave him nothing or too little and happy when he got a lot but now he did not care since he knew what his real self was. Though a prince earlier, he had not known his true self. Now that he did, nothing upset him nor excited him.

In real life, too, we beg from God and the world, for a child, wealth, promotion, good health, a beautiful body, a good house and so on. But if we realise we are representatives of the Supreme Lord on earth, would we still go about begging?

Instead we’d realise what God must be thinking of us when He sees us asking for trivial things and ready to commit crimes to obtain them.

First Published: Sep 06, 2006 13:52 IST