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'Ladies, I have a question for you'

Why is that men just don’t get the finer nuances that make a woman so special? “Why” and “what” are questions we have to deal with constantly, writes Priyanka Chopra.

india Updated: Apr 03, 2009 17:42 IST
Priyanka Chopra column
Priyanka Chopra column
Hindustan Times

Ladies, I have a question for you. Why is that men just don’t get the finer nuances that make a woman so special? “Why” and “what” are questions we have to deal with constantly. Let’s try and make them understand us a little better.

Don’t you get irritated when men look at your bag and say “What all do carry in that thing?” I know I do. Well, I have a simple answer. I say “My life is in it!!!” Because quite simply, that’s a fact. Don’t they realise that a woman’s bag has to contain everything she needs to run her everyday life?

How many of you have seen the wonderful film called Mary Poppins? It stars the amazing Julie Andrews as a mystical nanny with a magical bag. Whenever Mary Poppins opened her bag, the strangest things came out of it… from coat stands to candy, from hats to medicine. It’s kind of similar to the things we carry in our bags!

I carry very big bags and if you were to ask me what I had in them, I wouldn’t have an answer. But, on the other hand, if there was something that you needed in an emergency like, say, if you suddenly chipped a nail, my hand would reach into my magical bag and voila, out would come a nail clipper. Rest assured, if you need something, our bag would have it.

Another thing that mystifies men is how we can fit so much into our bags. Sometimes when I reach into my bag for something, they get this look in their eyes like I’m going to pull out a Harley Davidson! What stumps them still more is the small clutch we carry when we’re out painting the town red. “How???” I have been asked many times, “do you fit so many things into that small thing?” Well now, that’s a special skill only women have! Just be thankful that it’s small, because at the party, you’ll be the one holding it when I’m on the dance floor!

A woman’s bag is just not a bag. Each has its own size, shape, colour and stash of things. That’s what makes us special.

And so, I’m starting a special series in my column, the ‘My Sister Series’! The topic? Being a woman, everything about it. I’m sure that ladies will connect with what I’m saying. And the guys… just think of it as a secret lesson in understanding women better!

The Sister Series is not a weekly feature, but will pop up from time to time. It will oscillate between the inconsequential to the super serious. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you like it.

First Published: Apr 03, 2009 15:18 IST