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Liz Hurley a backstabber, says Arun Nayar's wife

Arun Nayar's wife Valentina Pedroni regrets having introduced Liz Hurley, who was her friend, to Arun, writes Nabanita Sircar.
PTI | By Nabanita Sircar, London
PUBLISHED ON NOV 06, 2004 12:55 PM IST

While everyone has been talking about Liz Hurley's romance with Indian businessman Arun Nayar, it is for the first time Nayar's wife Valentina Pedroni, has spoken about the affair.

Pedroni, a former model regrets having introduced Hurley to her husband. Hurley and Pedroni were close friends, attending the same dinners and parties in St Moritz.

Pedroni's friends have disclosed how bitter she is about her husband's relationship with Hurley. While in Milan, on what she believed was only a trial separation, she heard of Nayar and Hurley being an item.After the news Pedroni went off to USA.

Jan Piromallo, a close friend of Pedroni, 36, told the magazine Closer: "You can imagine how hurt Valentina is by all this. She had absolutely no idea that Arun was with Liz.

"What makes it even harder for Valentina is that she was friends with Liz," Piromallo added, "It was Valentina who introduced them. In fact, I recall there was a German guy who was trying to get close to Liz but she wasn't having anything to do with him.

"Valentina will put on a brave face but inside she will be very upset. It looks like she's lost her husband to someone she thought was her friend. She and Arun were both so in love. It looks like it's all over now."

Pedroni and Hurley met last year in St Moritz, where Nayar owns a chalet. Later, she introduced Hurley to Nayar, 37. A few months later it was during the New Year break that Nayar-Hurley romance took off.

It is believed Pedroni only found out about the affair when the couple were photographed holding hands at a Christian Dior fashion show in Paris, in January. Perdoni's father, a neurosurgeon said, "Everything has just landed on Valentina. She knew nothing about this until a few days ago."

Four months ago Pedroni had returned to Milan for the trial separation . She and Nayar had argued about his desire for children and Pedroni's dislike of her new home in Mumbai.       

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