'Liz-Nayyar wedding date inauspicious'
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'Liz-Nayyar wedding date inauspicious'

Astrologer Marjorie Orr gives Vidhi Bhargava a sneak peek into what year 2007 has in store.

india Updated: Dec 19, 2006 14:00 IST

Before 9/11, she predicted a major disaster in the US, a natural calamity related to water before the hurricane Katrina hit the United States and the Gulf War.

For 2007, astrologer Marjorie Orr predicts a worsening of the situation in the Middle-East, specifically Iran-Israel, who will be at logger-heads, and a gradual disintegration of the power centres in the world — the US and UK. Says Orr, “It will be a highly strung year with lots happening."

"The economy of the US will suffer a setback.”

However, Marjorie says that 2008 will be a significant year when the dynamics of power and balance in the world will change. She says, “2008 will bring an end to religious fundamentalism, especially for outfits like the Al-Qaeda.

        Marjorie Orr

It will change the way people are governed and there will be huge commercial and financial changes as well. ” And how will India fare in 2007?

She says “It will be a heavy period with some major changes.” As for India-Pakistan relationship, she predicts that August 2006 to August 2007 can either bring discouragement to the relationship or a greater sense of reality and common sense.

At a personal level, Marjorie says, “The instability in the lives of people will give way to stability as they embrace changes in 2007.” On a lighter note, she doesn’t approve of the March-end date selected by Liz Hurley and Arun Nayyar for their wedding, citing the lunar eclipse, which renders the day inauspicious. She even believes Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes was held on an inauspicious day.

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First Published: Dec 19, 2006 13:40 IST