Lohan's partying causes divorce

Dita Von Teese reportedly split up with her rocker husband, Manson because of his constant partying and closeness to Lohan.

india Updated: Jan 11, 2007 19:28 IST

Playboy model, Dita Von Teese reportedly split up with her rocker husband, Marilyn Manson because she was tired of his constant partying and closeness to Lindsay Lohan.

According to a source close to the stripper, who wanted to have a baby and lead a quieter life, she was fed up of Lohan constantly visiting their home to hang out with Manson.

”She just had enough of his wild partying. Lindsay Lohan was ringing up the house wanting to come round and party with him. The phone would go all through the night, with people constantly turning up to hang out.

Dita wants a quieter life and to have a baby. She told Manson to sort himself out or she was leaving. Unfortunately, nothingchanged and he didn't clean up his act," Hollywoodrag quoted the source, as saying.

It has also been said that Manson had become a drug addict, and as a result became paranoid to an extent that he thought that the cleaner was trying to kill him.

The popular American burlesque artist had filed for the split before Christmas and had tried to communicate to her husband that she was filing for a divorce.

But he did not have the time and did not even realise that she has moved out of the house.

"She loved him so much, but he has too many demons. He can't even communicate with her at this point. She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can't even get him on the phone. She moved out of the house and he hasn't even noticed," the New York Post quoted a source, as saying.

Manson and Von Teese tied the knot in December 2005 after a seven-year courtship.

First Published: Jan 11, 2007 19:28 IST