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Man's instinct for Survival

The human mind is forever riddled with unexpressed thoughts of self-protection, as if something out there is out to get him.

india Updated: Dec 01, 2003 17:16 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

The Utopian existence would be to be able to survive without a care in the world. To be able to take such perfect control and dominion over life that no negative thought or fear could ever survive in the mind or feelings.

But as we all know that is not the reality of human existence. The human mind is forever riddled with unexpressed thoughts of self-protection, as if something out there is out to get him. And if he is not cautious and careful in protecting himself, he is laying himself open to the dangers of self-destruction.

To overcome this illusion of man, one must learn to freely express who the human really is, and to master that illusion one has to firmly implant in oneself the Divine Sovereignty that is our birthright. Easier said than done, you will reply, yet there is a way out of this illusion.

Animals have been endowed with wonderful devices for self-protection. Some of them have fangs, some have keenly developed senses of sight or hearing to detect enemy attacks, some have strong teeth to chew up their enemies. These devices were programmed into their genes to allow them to live peacefully, and experience what they required to evolve.

Primeval instincts for human self-preservation had also been programmed into the cellular structure of humans, and this is what makes man cautious when about to be exposed to destruction in any form.

However, some humans have taken this instinct of being cautioned by the mind to such far levels, that they have got bogged down in the quicksand of human evolution.

What was meant to be a wondrous intelligent evolving human race has thus become a bundle of fears and inhibitions. He became so cautious, that he developed a herd like mentality, weaving a cocoon around himself, thinking that if he moves with the human flock he will be safe. So what was meant to be a natural instinct for self-preservation has become a fetish, a deep-rooted fear of everything.

Let us take this understanding a step further to realise the unlimitedness and immortality of our souls.

If our souls are immortal, does it really matter if the body is not? Feel this thought, ponder deeply over it, embrace it into the emotional body till you get soaked in its deeply entrenched truth. You will then realise that the only thing that stops you from thinking of self-preservation is the thought itself.

Erase that thought from your memory, erase the record and cause of it from your feelings, and replace it with the thought of your ongoingness, or immortality. When we bring into our knowingness the factum of unlimited life that is what we become. Unlimited God, rather than unlimited man, and you become aligned with the totality of being that God!

Reach beyond the limits of human understanding to move from the flesh into the immortal aspects of yourself, move into that understanding that you are Divine, and nothing can harm you. It is only a thought, an attitude away!

First Published: Dec 01, 2003 16:45 IST