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Man tries to drown sick daughter

A man throws his seven-year-old ailing daughter into a river as he cannot afford her treatment, reports Anil Kumar Pandey.
None | By Anil Kumar Pandey
UPDATED ON JUL 11, 2007 04:04 AM IST

A man threw his seven-year-old ailing daughter into a river early on Monday as he could not afford her treatment, family members said. The girl, suffering from a kidney ailment, was saved by fishermen.

The police were searching for the man, Phool Chand, who some time ago left his family behind at Devkali Bhakura Mod under Saraikhwaja police station in Jaunpur district to sell fruits at Ghatkopar in Mumbai.

According to his wife Jadawati, Phool Chand had taken their youngest daughter Sarita to Mumbai recently to get her treated. She said doctors at the city's KEM Hospital had diagnosed Sarita with kidney failure and had asked for Rs three lakh for a transplant.

"My father did not have the money," said Sarita, who appeared to be in a state of shock.

Phool Chand then brought her back to Jaunpur. Around 1 am on Monday, he took Sarita out and threw her into the Gomti from a bridge. Fishermen, alerted by a splash, rescued the girl.

When he saw his daughter being rescued, Phool Chand ran away from the place, leaving behind a prescription for her treatment.

The police, who were informed about the incident by the locals, took the girl to the district hospital for a medical examination. A police official said action would be taken against the 'callous' father.

On Tuesday, local doctors treating Sarita gave a different diagnosis of the girl's ailment than what was given by the Mumbai hospital.

Dr DP Singh, a doctor who had conducted a medical test of Sarita, told HT that the girl's ailment was not serious. He said both her kidneys were normal. The urea in her blood was also normal while her urine contained protein.

He said the swelling on Sarita's face was caused by administration of steroids and not because of anything else.

The girl, who initially was too scared to return home, has been persuaded to go back to her mother.

A social club in Jaunpur has volunteered to bear all the medical expenses incurred in her treatment.

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