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More than players? names, it is their nicknames that attract attention

Here are some Wicked sobriquets and monikers that these famous players have been given. Read on...

india Updated: Jun 04, 2006 02:48 IST

More than the players’ names, it is their sobriquets and monikers that become more famous and attract attention. Here are some wicked nicknames that the following players have been given.Read on...


The Brazilian winger was called “Little Bird” for his ability to fly with the ball due to his lightning speed and pace. He bamboozled the defenders with his surging and sinuous runs and his beguiling free-kicks. He was the scourge of defenders and always a step or two ahead, literally!

Benito Lorenzi»

This bellicose, irascible Italian was called “Poison” for his proclivity of arguing with the referees and the acerbic comments he made.

In the 1950 World Cup, during Italy’s match against Switzerland, his incessant arguing with the referee got so much on the official’s nerve that he retaliated by disallowing a fair goal for offside! Now we know who inspired the band, Poison, to write the song: "Talk dirty"!

Georgio Ghezzi»

This frantically diving Azzurri goalkeeper was given the sobriquet of “Kamikaze”, like the Japanese wartime pilots who would deliberately dive-bomb their aircrafts on the ships they were attacking. Ghezzi would hurl himself hysterically at the opposition striker whenever the poor soul was in “throwing” distance with the ball in his possession!

Sigvard Parling»

This Swedish defender was called “Iron Stove” for his ruthless and solid tackling and his cantankerous nature. Iron, because of his defending that won’t allow the defence to be breached more often than not, and stove, because he was highly combustible!

Alan Shearer»

The magnetic England striker is called “Smokey”. However, contrary to what the moniker might suggest, he is called so, not because he smokes cigarettes or burns up opponents, but because he loves eating crisps!

Gerhard Muller»

This stout West Germany hitman was as celebrated for his skills and wizardry in front of goal as he was for his girth. His jocular teammates and opponents called him “Fatty”.

Ryan Giggs»

The lithe Welsh striker is called “The Cordial Kid”. However, not because he is amiable and cordial but because his favourite drink is blackcurrant cordial!

First Published: May 10, 2006 18:04 IST