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My designer mom

We asked three young dsigner sons to tell us about their relationship with their designer moms. Here is what they had to say.
Hindustan Times | By Aroma Sah, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 09, 2010 12:37 AM IST

Many young fashion designers in the Capital are carrying forward the legacy of their renowned mothers, who have been a part of the fashion industry for years. We asked three such young ’uns to tell us about their relationship with their designer moms. Here is what they had to say.

Ambrish Kumar (son of designer Ritu Kumar)
More than her design philosophy, I’ve inherited a lot of her life’s philosophy... I think it is about the acknowledgement of the world and things around you that are bigger than yourself that keeps you grounded and humble. A large part of her work has always been for the greater good.

On Mother’s Day, I’ve no new message to her but just that she has a nice Sunday.

Nikhita Tandon (daughter of designer Reynu Tandon)
Because we have two different labels, she does not dominate my work or interfere. She has given me full creative freedom, but I cannot pass any design without showing it to her. She will give her remark and I completely appreciate it. I take the criticism as coming from a senior designer who has loads of experience behind her and not from my mother.

On Mother’s Day, I want to tell her that I am completely made by my mother. I am indebted to her for life and I am her’s forever.

Nishka Lulla (daughter of designer Neeta Lulla)
Our design philosophies are very different and this is what she has always taught me — to be different. She says I have to have my own personality come through in every piece that I put out. And I follow this to the letter. I always design something that is youthful and something that I would want to wear. She gives me her inputs and makes sure I don’t go wrong. She is like a teacher and a guide but only till what is needed.

I want to tell her on Mother’s Day that I love her a lot and she will always be my leading light.

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