Negi no match for fiesty Kateryna

When GM Parimarjan Negi had signed off on Sunday saying: ?Tomorrow is a different day?, he was right on target, says Shweta Thampan.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2006 23:43 IST

When GM Parimarjan Negi had signed off on Sunday saying: “Tomorrow is a different day”, he was right on target.

On Monday, Parimarjan lost to Kateryna Lahno with the white pieces, clearly proving the Ukrainian to be the stronger amongst the two players in the second classical game of the Amity Grandmasters Challenge at the Russian Centre.

The win gives Kateryna a lead of 1.5 points to Parimarjan’s 0.5. Both players came up with surprise opening moves and initially white seemed to be stronger. But Kateryna, being much more experienced, was well-prepared for playing with black pieces.

Parimarjan’s trainer for the match, GM Alexander Goloshchapov of Ukraine, confided they had not prepared the Arkhengelsk variation that Lahno played in the second game.

But Parimarjan fought back with innovative ideas as he went about gobbling the gambit pawn in a different style and was soon on top. But from a pawn plus position, Parimarjan wasted a few moves with his queen, unsure of his prospects, and Kateryna bounced back with some imaginative kingside attacking that put her in lead.

Parimarjan lost a piece in the endgame and called it a day after 45 moves.

“I had a good opening but made some errors in the middle game. I went into counter-attack and had no answer to Kateryna’s strong kingside game,” said Parimarjan after the game.

“I think we both had a surprising opening but he lost his way in the middle game. I saw my chance and played my strong kingside move,” said Kateryna.

Kateryna’s trainer GM Ruslan Scherbakov said, “Negi had a good position in the opening, but gave it away with giving back the extra pawn moving”.

First Published: Dec 18, 2006 23:38 IST