Nominee for Best Supporting Actor

Ken Watanabe's impressive performance in The Last Samurai has found him nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

india Updated: Feb 24, 2004 20:29 IST

Ken Watanabe

The Last Samurai

Ken Watanabe has played more samurai than even he can keep a track of! This veteran Japanese actor has been appearing in films since the early 80s. But it wasn't until his breakthrough role in the Tom Cruise starrer The Last Samurai that Ken caught the attention of audiences. In the movie he plays Katsumoto, the samurai leader whose deep sense of honour inspires the American soldier he has taken prisoner.

His impressive performance in the film found him nominated for both a 2003 Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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First Published: Feb 21, 2004 21:48 IST