Not a sound argument

Vinod Sharma’s argument in What was the hurry? (April 29) may sound specious, for the judicial process has some complications and legalities that play a pivotal role in providing justice.
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Updated on Apr 30, 2009 09:57 PM IST
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Not a sound argument
Vinod Sharma’s argument in What was the hurry? (April 29) may sound specious, for the judicial process has some complications and legalities that play a pivotal role in providing justice. The Constitution has given certain liberties to the judiciary, so it may act as per its discretion. Moreover, in a country like ours, where it takes years for a judicial hearing to be completed, delaying the judgments in order to placate the desires of some power-hungry politicians will only impede the judicial process further. It will also aggravate the plight of the victims and their families.
Mohammad Murtaza Ali, Delhi

A bargain for peace
Sudeep Chakravarti in Beyond the endgame (April 29) has rightly said that if the Sri Lankan government wants peace, it must leave behind its pro-Sinhala ideological callousness. In fact, the Tamils are treated as second-class citizens in Lanka. This attitude on the part of the Lankan government has cost it dear, hampering the development of the country. Many innocent lives have been lost on both sides, with much damage to property, in 25 years of civil war. The Lankan government should give the Tamils a share of the pie if everyone is to live peacefully.
G Ramachandran, via email

The politics of justice
With reference to the editorial And then there were none (Our Take, April 29), a well-planned conspiracy seems to have led to the opening of the infamous Bofors case during election time. Adding fuel to the fire was the poor defence by the Law Minister where he acknowledged that the CBI acted on the advice of the Attorney General. It is not understood why the CBI acted in haste without waiting for a court date. It was not too long ago when Congress leader Digvijay Singh talked about using the CBI against some politicians. Every political party is guilty of misusing the CBI for political motives. Even the NDA government did not act on its promise to reveal the truth about Bofors within 100 days of assuming office the last time around.
Subhash Agrawal, Delhi

A nation short on memory
Apropos of the report In Gulbarg, Jafri still lives on (April 29), it is disheartening to note that a law-maker and a member of the highest office of our democracy, Ehsan Jaffri, was not protected by the law of the land he represented. Moreover, it is shameful that he did not get a decent burial. No one bothered to even put up a tombstone in his name over the years. This is the democracy we seem to be proud of.
Irfan Mir, Delhi

This has reference to the editorial A chance to clear the air (Our Take, April 28). Despite various inquiry commissions, the spectre of Godhra continues to haunt the BJP. Narendra Modi may have emerged as the lynchpin in its strategy to form a government at the Centre, but there is suspicion over his role in the Godhra riots, and his dubious credentials. The Supreme Court has, once again, given a ray of hope to the victims. We can only hope that there won’t be another attempt to sweep things under the carpet.
Suriender Shah, Delhi

Prevention is better than cure
With reference to the report Swine flu spreads, India falters (April 29), the new swine flu virus has now claimed over 100 lives and may affect world markets, with the aviation industry being the worst affected by this outbreak. Incidentally, the United States and Britain are two of the biggest holiday destinations for people during summer vacations in this country. Also, corporate travel undertaken by IT professionals could be hit next since the US and Britain are also the biggest markets. The government should take necessary measures to prevent the spread of this disease. The sooner it is contained, the better it would be for all of us.
P Saravana Durai, Hyderabad

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