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Not in their league

With reference to Varun reminds Advani of JP and Vajpayee (April 2), it is sad to learn that the BJP is comparing a wayward youngster with senior leaders for unjustifiable reasons.

india Updated: Oct 09, 2009 13:49 IST
Hindustan Times

With reference to Varun reminds Advani of JP and Vajpayee (April 2), it is sad to learn that the BJP is comparing a wayward youngster with senior leaders for unjustifiable reasons. Advani’s support for Varun will only boost his confidence to walk the wrong path. Leaders like AB Vajpayee and Jaya-prakash Narayan are remembered for their selfless contribution to society. On the other hand, Varun has earned fame for all the wrong reasons. A comparison, thus, only reflects Advani’s and the BJP’s ideological shallowness.

RD Bhardwaj, Delhi

Battle without honour

In her article All bets are off (Third Eye, March 28), Barkha Dutt has rightly portrayed the present situation where pre-poll alliances have left the voters confused. The UPA, having lost nearly all its key allies, is in a bad state even before the elections. In the BJP, LK Advani is all praise for Varun Gandhi. This is giving a bad reputation to the party. The Third Front is increasingly becoming a group of power-mongers none of whom seem to have a real cause to fight for. The upcoming general elections seem to have lost their charm already.

Priyadarshi Ravi, Daltonganj


As we approach the fifteenth general elections, almost all political parties are slowly showing their true colours. All the parties, irrespective of their political line, are working towards one goal: to attain absolute power. Addressing issues of good governance and corruption-free bureaucracy, among others, no longer seem to bother them. There is a need for the Indian electorate to bring these daydreamers back to reality. By using our voting power wisely we can teach the selfish leaders a lesson they will never forget.

Bhaskar Sen, via email


Barkha Dutt is right in saying that all political parties are busy getting their manifestoes printed but do not actually care to address key issues. The alliances being formed and re-formed are based more on mathematics than on principles. The upcoming general elections will reveal that our leaders lack political acumen. Also, it will bring to light the absence of common sense in those people who cast their vote without thinking and then blame the government for not working as it should.

Subrata Pal, Nadia


Barkha Dutt has correctly stated that none of the old rules will apply in this year’s elections. The UPA has been deserted by almost all its allies. There doesn’t seem to be either a common agenda or an ideology that our political parties are following. Our democracy is moving towards the point of no return.

GK Arora, Delhi

The US must take leadership

With reference to Pramit Pal Chaudhuri’s article The day the dollar didn’t die (Wonk’s World, April 1), the present crisis has infected the world economies like an epidemic. It is true that the origins of the problem lie in US failure to predict it. Ironically, we do need US assistance to get rid of the very problem it has created. Being a world power, it is the responsibility of the US to find a solution to the global economic mess.

Aman Buttan, via email

Trust thy neighbour

With reference to Ramachandra Guha’s article Blowing in the whirlwind (History Matters, April 2), India has always tried its best to maintain peace in the region. But, a lack of positive response from our neighbour failed all our attempts in this direction. Pakistan has always failed to curb terrorism on its soil. But it must understand that if it wants to progress as a nation, it requires India’s assistance and trust.

SD Sahay, Delhi

A deserving winner

Khushwant Singh in his write-up Uneasy lies the head that will wear… (With malice towards one and all, March 28), is right in saying that none of the names floating around for the post of prime minister actually deserves the top seat. People want someone who is charismatic, skilful, intelligent and can take our nation forward with a team of good subordinates at the helm. Only he who puts national interest on top of his priority list should be elected.

Mahesh Kumar, Delhi

First Published: Apr 03, 2009 20:57 IST