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Now, lost seats in Mayawati's crosshairs

Mayawati plans to discuss with the district coordinators the party's performance in the various Vidhan Sabha constituencies where it lost, reports Rajesh Kumar Singh.
Hindustan Times | By Rajesh Kumar Singh, Lucknow
UPDATED ON MAY 16, 2007 06:02 PM IST

After ministers and MLAs, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Supremo Mayawati plans to hold a discussion with the district coordinators over performance of the party in various Vidhan Sabha constituencies.

Besides having a say in the selection of candidates, coordinators were also assigned the task of working for the victory of the candidates. Coordinators constituted booth committees in each assembly segment and were directed to chalk out a plan for the poll.

"Though the party won the maximum number of seats, loss of various constituencies shocked the party leadership. We had high hopes to win these seats, so defeat has put us on the back foot in these assembly segments," the BSP leaders said.

According to party sources, coordinators have been directed to submit a report on the defeat of party candidates in various assembly segments. "Focus would be on those seats where the party lost with a slender margin as well as those seats on which party performance was miserable," the BSP leaders said.

"If the party has to increase its tally in the Lok Sabha elections, we would have to fill the vote gap. After studying the reports of the coordinators, fresh strategies would be drawn by the party for each of the Vidhan Sabha seats on which our candidates lost," the BSP leaders said.

Focus would be on seats in which the party lost with a slender margin, including Mahsi (441 votes), Dhuriyapar (559), Maharajganj (889 ), Saraimir (714), Kalyanpur (674), Sarsaul (342), Bidhuna (296), Banda (231), Jaleshar (72), Baberu (174), Sakit (358), Shahganj (666), Lakhimpur (1244), Sitapur (1867), Hadha (1925), Patti (1,125), Ghazipur (1,131), Gangiri (1,577) and Allahabad North (1,787 votes). The seats the party lost with 5,000 or less votes would be also under scanner.

Coordinators in whose districts and division the party has performed well were in a jubilant mood. "We have fulfilled the task assigned by behenji," some of the coordinators said and added that bigger responsibilities would be assigned to them. But in the divisions and districts where performance of the party was poor and below expectation the coordinators would be taken to task.

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