One in two teenage girls starving to stay slim

Not long ago, dieting was considered the most sought after method of reducing weight, but today today it has taken a step further.

india Updated: Jan 24, 2006 11:39 IST

Not long ago, dieting or cutting down on calories was considered the most sought after method of reducing weight, but today, it seems to have taken a step further.

Girls, now-a-days, as young as thirteen are determined to give the super skinny models a run for their money, with a study by the Food Standards Agency and Sugar magazine, done on 2,000 teenage girls, revealing that in Britain almost half of teenage girls are practically starving themselves to stay thin.

The findings showed that 50 per cent always skip breakfast and do not know what normal eating habits are.

Twenty-five per cent admitted they eat "as little as possible," while ten per cent said they are constantly following a slimming plan.

Fifteen per cent made themselves sick to keep their weight down.

And, in their bid to look slim, the figure-conscious teenagers often end up taking unhealthy diet, reveals the study.

While one in ten thronged on fast food like burgers, chips and pizza on a daily basis, nearly half said they always downed fizzy drinks.

However, a third admitted their poor diets were the cause of arguments with their parents.

"These results show many teenage girls are dieting and miss out on the vital nutrients. Skipping breakfast, not eating enough fruit and veg and drinking too many fizzy drinks are poor habits. Teenagers lead busy lives and it's vital they eat regular and balanced meals," The Sun quoted FSA nutritionist Sam Montel, as saying.

"Taking small steps such as swapping fizzy drinks for water, snacking on fruit or dried fruit instead of crisps, and eating lots of fruit and veg will make a big difference," Sam added.

First Published: Jan 24, 2006 11:39 IST