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'Only death for Manu's arrogance'

While some felt the punishment wasn't enough, most surfers were relieved.

india Updated: Dec 21, 2006 19:08 IST

Surfers are relieved that justice has finally prevailed withManu Sharma beinggiven life sentence in the Jessica Lall murder case. However, there were some who felt given the delays he caused and way he tried to circumvent law, Manu deserved death. Almost all are happy that the writ of the judiciary has prevailed.

Here's how it went.

Gaurav from Sydney, Australia said, "Manu Sharma case would be first ever example where son of high profile politician has got a prison sentence. It's pathetic that it took seven years to give verdict. But at last, one is glad to see that Jessica's family might live in peace."

Bangalore's Anil felt, "For Manu's arrogance and brutality a death sentence would have been apt."

Linet D' Silva from Mumbai, India thanked all - Ramanis, judiciary, media, public and Jessica's family for all the good they have done for the society.

"I am really happy that Manu Sharma has been brought to book for killing Jessica. This has restored my faith that perseverance, truth, justice, patience and faith in the almighty do count. Though I personally don't know Jessica or for that matter Manu I would really like to thank the following people for bringing the perpetrators to book and help justice to prevail."

"Bina Ramani (including her husband and her daughter) - first and foremost hats off to you guys. Without your courage and truthfulness this day would not have been possible. May God bless you!"

"Respected HC judges Mr Sodhi and Mr Bhasin - thanks a lot for reaching to the bottom of it. It is people like you whom we (the lay people) depend on for keeping our faith intact in the judicial system of our country."

"The media and the people of India in general - if it had not have been for you, we would still have to put up with injustice."

"Sabrina and Jessica's friends - thanks a lot for holding on till now through the long seven years of battle."

"If I have missed anyone it is not intentional. Would like to thank one and all for this happiness."

D Kumar from New Delhi, India has this to say: "The punishment given is on expected lines. Such people must be punished so that others learn a lesson. It will help reducing the crime and help to clean society. People must fight against all such ills. I salute the honourable court."

Hyderabad's Arjun said this proved that nobody is above law.

Sabarish from Daegu, South Korea said Manu was deserving of death penalty.

"The judgment brings hope even if it was delayed. The convict should have been given the capital punishment, based on the delay and the provisions he made to get acquitted in the case. More important, the court should also punish the police persons who misled the case," he said.

HK Verma from Pune, India too thought nothing but death would have been a fitting punishment.

"For a cold-blooded murder done in rage over a drink, the punishment should have been death."

Shailly from New Delhi, India felt faith in God and judiciary paid off.

"I am really happy for the family of Jessica Lall. I feel that the end has justified the long wait and painful moments the family went through the last years. This is also a victory for the judicial system and for the police team, which has worked well though late."

"If the people say that 'bhagwan ke yahan dair hai andher nahin', the same can be said for our judicial system and for our country. It's a new beginning for the public of India and for my beloved country."


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First Published: Dec 21, 2006 19:08 IST